Monday, February 28, 2011

One of THOSE Outfits: The Tablecloth Skirt and More

I bet you're hungry for a full outfit post, aren't you?  Well, here's a few to fill you up until the next one.
A random teaching outfit for you.  One of my students told me my boots made me look like Hannah Montana that day.  Fanfreakingtabulous ;)  I wore vintage snake-skin cowboy boots from a western thrift store in Sante Fe from 10+ years ago, flowly little black dress from GAP, green crocheted shawl from Wet Seal, and a Verde Squared necklace.
 This past weekend involved lots of errand running, newborn visiting and catching up.  For the easy going weekend, I wore GAP jeans, wool lace up TOMS, white undershirt, green military inspired jacket from Wet Seal (I think I've been there twice in my life yet all outfits in this post involve that store!), gifted scarf and my Zippo flame earrings that I LOVE. 
 I loved the way the jacket buttons and scarf complemented each other.
And a small glance at my earrings.

Today I recycled the jacket (under a much larger coat for this morning!) and taught in a fun and offbeat outfit.
 I wore a GAP white tee, cream knit tights, my beloved Target boots, the Wet Seal jacket and a wrap skirt I made from a vintage tablecloth!
 When I first made it, I couldn't quite wear it comfortably (or modestly) without showing the world what lay beneath.  Well, apparently all of this running I'm doing is starting to pay off here and there so I was able to wear it finally!  It even has a few pockets up front :)
 The back of the skirt works it way up further than the front does but I think it's kind of fun :)  I think I will add some buttons or snaps along the back closure so I don't have to worry about mini-flashes in the future.  Safety pins were my friends today :)  

I'm blogging this week at make:Tulsa which is going to be a pretty happening place for blog posts in the future!  I'd go ahead and bookmark/subscribe/whatever it if I were you. :) 

Until later!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing Verde Squared

Seems like I haven't been posting much of my jewelry on here lately.  That must come to and end!  Now!  

For the past few weeks, I've been diligently working on my first actual line!  What each of these pieces have in common is that they are completely made from reused components, they each have at least one portion of an amazing bracelet that had seen better days and they all have green in them!  Perfect!  I've even gone as far to have named the collection:  Verde Squared.  

I am completely smitten with every single one of them and am fighting every urge to keep them for myself!  No worries, I narrowed it down to one that will be mine :)  Remember, what you see is what you get so there are officially ONLY 10 pieces in the collection!

All pieces can be found in my shop and you can even get 10% off if you order by tomorrow no later than midnight by entering the code: welcomelove when you check out!   
(This last piece is the one I've decided to keep for myself :)

Happy shopping!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a Taste

Because it's so pretty outside and because I'm feeling generous, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of the new goodies I've been laboring over :)  I'll have some closer looks soon.
Go outside and enjoy this beautiful evening!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three of THOSE Outfits: A Weekend of Celebrations

While reading this post, I strongly recommend you listen to THIS because 1) The Local Natives are awesome and 2) it's what I listened to while writing this :)

When not teaching, I tend to wear jeans, oversized tops and hats nonstop but when the semester is in full swing, I get to have a little more fun with my outfits!  Here's a random outfit from last week including the tunic from the free swap, leggings (my first real go at them!), my awesome target boots and a thrifted gold necklace.  I had a couple of other fun teaching outfits from last week but changed into pjs before I remembered to take pictures!  I do love my pjs :)
As I've gotten older and a bit more reclusive, I find that I don't go out as much on the weekends as I once did.  I mean, I truly did used to tear up the town!  This past weekend though I remembered what it was once like to be young again!  ;)  

One of my longtime bestest friends is getting married in about a month so a group of us ladies got dudded up and headed out to Brookside.  I, of course, wore a strange little number.  
I've really got to work on my modeling face and stance ;)
My mister snapped a few (better) shots while we hung out in the garage.  Yes, we hang out in our garage from time to time.  Where else are we supposed to play darts, lift weights and watch the laundry tumble?
I wore short shorts from Old Navy some years back, navy blue keyhole shirt from Shoe Gypsy, an uh-mazing vintage coat from Salvation Army and a cherished necklace my dad bought my mom when I was a wee tike back on a family vacay in Destin, FL.
I was told that night that I looked like Drew Barrymore and that my glasses were very 'feng sexual'.  I thought that was pretty clever for a stumbling drunk guy.

On Sunday, I hosted my friend's wedding shower at our house last minute due to some unforeseen circumstances with the original location.  I cleaned like the dickens and a good time was had by all.
I wore a dress I made from a sweet bed sheet, clearance cardigan from Target a long, long time ago, bronze leaf necklace from THE Flea Market, thrifted bronze bracelet, oooooold belt I've had forever and shoes which I can't recall where they came from.

At the shower, I was finally able to give the crocheted baby blanket I was working on last month!  I finished it during the blizzard and have been eagerly awaiting gifting it.  The new little lady will be here this weekend!  
Can you guess the favorite sports team in their house?  ;)
Until later!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fuzzy Friday: Something's Fishy

In addition to having many fuzzy animals, we also have three large freshwater fish tanks throughout the house. One tank is currently battling a frustrating bacterial algae outbreak so we are having to work on it fairly often which requires siphoning out a large chunk of water weekly.  We use a six foot tube for the siphoning which the cats now believe was a toy bought for them.  As that blasted algae runs through the tube to be emptied in a large bucket, the cats go CRAZY chasing after it which makes for some pretty entertaining moments.
While the incessant cleaning of that tank is no fun, watching those fuzzy nut jobs go wild chasing algae blobs will never get old.  Enjoy!

Thank You, Pop Prints

I'm OK with computers.  I spend quite a bit of time on them and for the most part, I'm fairly computer minded.  I am not, however, graphically minded.  Luckily for me, there are folks out there who are ridiculously talented in this field such as THE Ross Maute of Pop Prints.
 Ross was brave enough to agree to work with crazy 'ol me on the kick ass graphics you see on this here blog and in my etsy shop.  I could not be more pleased with the results!
 As you can see, his work is awesome and wonderfully colorful.  
 I am IN LOVE with this Bear Hug print.
And this Giraffic Design.  I mean come on, what an awesome play on words and print to match!  

By having Ross work on graphics for me, I learned to let go a bit, to lean back and to be amazed.  I thank him for the lessons and for the creations :)  

Take some time and enjoy perusing his prints here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love & The Museum

I'm alive!  And optimistic once again!  :)  

This weekend I HAD to get out of my funk so Saturday, the mister and I took advantage of Philbrook's Second Saturday aka FREE admission day!  It was a beautiful day and the snow was finally beginning to melt so we were excited to spend lots of time playing in the gardens but were met with locked doors to the garden due to the weather.  Boo!  But understandable ;)
Not to fret though, there's always SO much to see there so we quite enjoyed ourselves indoors!  I was especially excited about their industrial collection they currently have upstairs.  SUCH cool stuff!
We were one day too early for the American Streamlined Exhibit which I'm DYING to see so we'll have to return soon.

We ended up going through the museum at the same pace as a younger couple who kept making out in front of every painting.  While sweet, it was a bit annoying but I tried to ignore.  When we were getting ready to leave the museum, Mr. Face Sucker got down on one knee and proposed to Miss. Face Sucker right in front of us!  I forgave them for all of the kissy face after that ;)
I wore a shirt dress I scored from a free clothing swap (more info on that later), a black GAP tee for my undershirt, GAP sexy boot jeans (they work so well on my body type!!), my bloody galoshes that I was SO sick of wearing and a thrifted gaudy gold necklace.  My mister snapped this random shot and caught me looking, well, like that.  
On Sunday, my mom and I journeyed to the Tulsa Historical Society for a fundraiser for an organization close to my heart, StreetCats.  My Furry Valentine is held once a year and is a silent auction, dessert smorgasbord and wine event.   
My mom is a hard core silent auction bidder so we ended up coming home with some cool stuff AND helped the kitties!  :)
They auctioned off a HUGE handmade quilt that I thought was pretty amazing!
I wore a discounted Anthropologie shirt that I LOVE, a random tank for underneath and one of my awesome new necklaces that I will debut on here soon!  Not pictured is a brown skirt, cream tights and some boots.  
So far, this week has been full of some spectacular weather which so many of us needed, me included!  School is back in regular session (thank goodness!), the sun is shining, new creations are being made and things are looking up!  

Friday, February 11, 2011


Do you ever have one of those days?  Well, I've had one of those weeks.  From injuring myself left and right to witnessing animal neglect to roof leaks to almost missing class.  I'm telling you, it's been one of those weeks.  

I had grand plans of uploading my amazing new necklaces (if I do say so myself) to my shop this week but really haven't had the chance nor energy to do so.  So, since I've slacked here and there on my creative front, I would like to offer you a widdle gift - 10% EVERYTHING IN MY SHOP FOR FEBRUARY!!!  Just enter the code welcomelove when you check out :)  

To uplift myself and you this evening, I thought I'd share some snapshots of where I create, where I don't worry about the outside world, where I feel peaceful.  Where I am me.
Something my youth group used to do growing up were Wows and Pows; our highs and lows for the day, week, month, whenever.  Sometimes when sitting down to dinner, the mister and I share our Wows and Pows.  I'm sure he loves it ;)  
To me, it's always been such a wonderful way to reflect upon a day; to see the balance in the good and bad in life.  When I feel like it can't get any worse, I have to stop myself and reflect on what is good in the day which often is not an easy task. 
This week I've been needing some major Wows to counter those Pows but haven't been able to see them easily.  Sometimes it's so hard to pull out of those funks, you know?

But today is different.  Today my eyes have opened back up and those Wows are a little easier to see.  I got to spend lunch with my amazing colleagues who do nothing but wow me daily.  I learned how to fix my washing machine on my own :)  I got my taxes done!  I've gone back in time thanks for bored family members sharing old family photos online.  I discovered a member of one of my favorite bands (TV on the Radio) released a side project (Maximum Balloon - fantastic!) and have had a great soundtrack for the past two days.  My animals, family, myself and now a neighbor dog are warm, safe and healthy.  The weather is improving and the snow is finally melting :)  And the weekend is now here.  Fresh starts.  Clean sheets.  Hilarious animals.
Sometimes those down moments can help put things in perspective.  I've always said, you can't have the good without the bad and without the bad, you'd never know what good was.  
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