Monday, February 7, 2011

Around the House: TV Lamps

As I mentioned before, I have a lot of stuff.  I'm one of those people who LOVES their stuff and attaches meaning to it all.  Everything has a story and if you were to come to our house, you'd hear lots of stories.  Consider that a warning!  ;)  So since I have so many things around the house with so many stories, I thought I'd start a new feature around here - Around the House!  This way I can blab on and on about things I think are cool and you don't even have to drive over!  Win - Win!  :)

I'm going to get this ball rolling with my beloved Siamese cat TV lamp that's moved around with me for the past ten years or so.  Buckle up.

My dad picked this duo up for me some years back and introduced me to the fascinating world of TV lamps. From what I understand, when TVs starting gaining popularity in the 50's and they became more common in American homes, people started to become concerned about the effect these picture boxes were having on their eyes.  The solution?  A kitschy lamp to set atop the center of your TV that would produce a sort of ambient back light, lessening the damage the TV was doing to your eyes!  Most were ceramic and came in ALL sorts of figures, sizes and colors.  Some even had planters in them too; the most common ones I seem to see out.  Since most were ceramic, many were broke (imagine how many would be broke today by playing motion-driven video games!) so while they are not UNcommon, they aren't the most common thing around.  

So back to my lamp ;)  
 As we've all figured out by now, I have a thing for cats so my dad did quite well with this purchase!  I remember being floored by the random gift!  I love how their pretty blue eyes light up!  Currently, they reside above an old bookcase, one I actually used to play IN when I was a wee tike, and are flanked by two tiny fake (but cool) plants and two beautifully detailed candle holders I picked up while schooling in Mexico.
 I love how the lamp lights up that corner and draws visual interest up!  Our office has a lot of dark wood furniture that can weigh a room down so any help we can get to brighten it up and make it feel more open is welcome!
Pay no mind to the coats piled upon coats.  My mister works outside so he's heavily layered lately, hence the squishy mountain to the right.

My love for these lamps grew when I realized that they closely resembled someone in the house....
Should you find one out and about and want to buy one, make sure to check it thoroughly for cracks or chips and ask if you can plug it in to check if it works (I would do this for any lamp!).  I, obviously, think they are awesome and wouldn't mind another.  Although, I'd probably have to get rid of something first to make room....

So there you have it, my first Around the House post!  What do you think?  Looking forward to more?  Trust me, I've got LOTS to share!  

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