Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing Verde Squared

Seems like I haven't been posting much of my jewelry on here lately.  That must come to and end!  Now!  

For the past few weeks, I've been diligently working on my first actual line!  What each of these pieces have in common is that they are completely made from reused components, they each have at least one portion of an amazing bracelet that had seen better days and they all have green in them!  Perfect!  I've even gone as far to have named the collection:  Verde Squared.  

I am completely smitten with every single one of them and am fighting every urge to keep them for myself!  No worries, I narrowed it down to one that will be mine :)  Remember, what you see is what you get so there are officially ONLY 10 pieces in the collection!

All pieces can be found in my shop and you can even get 10% off if you order by tomorrow no later than midnight by entering the code: welcomelove when you check out!   
(This last piece is the one I've decided to keep for myself :)

Happy shopping!


  1. What a beautiful collection! I think the name and the limited availability are all very clever. Nice work, girl!

  2. Such pretty work! I like the third and fourth ones down the best. :)


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