Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love & The Museum

I'm alive!  And optimistic once again!  :)  

This weekend I HAD to get out of my funk so Saturday, the mister and I took advantage of Philbrook's Second Saturday aka FREE admission day!  It was a beautiful day and the snow was finally beginning to melt so we were excited to spend lots of time playing in the gardens but were met with locked doors to the garden due to the weather.  Boo!  But understandable ;)
Not to fret though, there's always SO much to see there so we quite enjoyed ourselves indoors!  I was especially excited about their industrial collection they currently have upstairs.  SUCH cool stuff!
We were one day too early for the American Streamlined Exhibit which I'm DYING to see so we'll have to return soon.

We ended up going through the museum at the same pace as a younger couple who kept making out in front of every painting.  While sweet, it was a bit annoying but I tried to ignore.  When we were getting ready to leave the museum, Mr. Face Sucker got down on one knee and proposed to Miss. Face Sucker right in front of us!  I forgave them for all of the kissy face after that ;)
I wore a shirt dress I scored from a free clothing swap (more info on that later), a black GAP tee for my undershirt, GAP sexy boot jeans (they work so well on my body type!!), my bloody galoshes that I was SO sick of wearing and a thrifted gaudy gold necklace.  My mister snapped this random shot and caught me looking, well, like that.  
On Sunday, my mom and I journeyed to the Tulsa Historical Society for a fundraiser for an organization close to my heart, StreetCats.  My Furry Valentine is held once a year and is a silent auction, dessert smorgasbord and wine event.   
My mom is a hard core silent auction bidder so we ended up coming home with some cool stuff AND helped the kitties!  :)
They auctioned off a HUGE handmade quilt that I thought was pretty amazing!
I wore a discounted Anthropologie shirt that I LOVE, a random tank for underneath and one of my awesome new necklaces that I will debut on here soon!  Not pictured is a brown skirt, cream tights and some boots.  
So far, this week has been full of some spectacular weather which so many of us needed, me included!  School is back in regular session (thank goodness!), the sun is shining, new creations are being made and things are looking up!  

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  1. The industrial collection looks so neat! I've never been to the Philbrook, but I will definitely need to check it out this spring!

    And thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Blogging has been the easiest way for me to talk about my grandma. :)


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