Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of THOSE Outfits: Another Snow Day

First and foremost, we finished our puzzle!  And amazingly, there were no missing pieces! 
After a round of heavy winter weather last week, school was a go this week!  At least for Monday and Tuesday, that is.  Monday's teaching outfit was less than spectacular but Tuesday's was a bit more fun!  Temps on Tuesday dropped quite a bit due to the impending storm that hit later that night so many layers were required. (It's quite hard for me to get any indoor shots without some sort of fuzzball leaving their mark - for example, notice the beast's tail in this one?)
I wore a coat bought from a store no longer around about 7 years ago (NOT real fur but sooooo warm), a plain ol GAP t-shirt, Anthro cardigan (discounted, of course), $3 skirt from Target a few years back, black leggings over tights and wool socks to keep my stems warm, my trusty galoshes (I have a funny galosh story one of these days), the Hungarian scarf that made an appearance recently and a hodge podge necklace I made for myself!

Obviously I didn't look behind me before this 10 second photoshoot because I would have moved our broom and swiffer if I had!  Oh, and holycraplookatmyhair!  Baby steps kids, baby steps :)
 I am in LOVE with this necklace!  So much so that I made three more along the same lines of this one last night!  I'm in the process of photographing them and will have them in my shop fairly soon :)
 The beast even got dudded up to stay warm.
 He walked around and ate breakfast in this getup for almost an hour!  At one point, his feline BFF joined him under the blanket to warm up for a bit :)
 They say that this was the end of Oklahoma's Snowpocalyspe 2011...
 ...and I sure hope they're right because I'm not sure our back porch can take much more.


  1. Oh the beast - I love him. I'm kind of jealous I missed all the snow. Kind of...

    and I really like the necklace, too. Looking forward to seeing them photographed.

  2. That beast guy is such a cutie, oh and the girl too;) Necklace is neat. Can't wait to see it up close.

  3. OMG Mondo is adorable and I LOVE that you're breaking out a skirt despite the cold weather!


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