Monday, February 28, 2011

One of THOSE Outfits: The Tablecloth Skirt and More

I bet you're hungry for a full outfit post, aren't you?  Well, here's a few to fill you up until the next one.
A random teaching outfit for you.  One of my students told me my boots made me look like Hannah Montana that day.  Fanfreakingtabulous ;)  I wore vintage snake-skin cowboy boots from a western thrift store in Sante Fe from 10+ years ago, flowly little black dress from GAP, green crocheted shawl from Wet Seal, and a Verde Squared necklace.
 This past weekend involved lots of errand running, newborn visiting and catching up.  For the easy going weekend, I wore GAP jeans, wool lace up TOMS, white undershirt, green military inspired jacket from Wet Seal (I think I've been there twice in my life yet all outfits in this post involve that store!), gifted scarf and my Zippo flame earrings that I LOVE. 
 I loved the way the jacket buttons and scarf complemented each other.
And a small glance at my earrings.

Today I recycled the jacket (under a much larger coat for this morning!) and taught in a fun and offbeat outfit.
 I wore a GAP white tee, cream knit tights, my beloved Target boots, the Wet Seal jacket and a wrap skirt I made from a vintage tablecloth!
 When I first made it, I couldn't quite wear it comfortably (or modestly) without showing the world what lay beneath.  Well, apparently all of this running I'm doing is starting to pay off here and there so I was able to wear it finally!  It even has a few pockets up front :)
 The back of the skirt works it way up further than the front does but I think it's kind of fun :)  I think I will add some buttons or snaps along the back closure so I don't have to worry about mini-flashes in the future.  Safety pins were my friends today :)  

I'm blogging this week at make:Tulsa which is going to be a pretty happening place for blog posts in the future!  I'd go ahead and bookmark/subscribe/whatever it if I were you. :) 

Until later!


  1. I thought you were looking awfully trim! I can really tell in that first pic, your face looks so slender. I'm loving the outfits too, my skinny friend! Keeping rocking that funky style of yours. :-)

  2. Love TARGET boots!!! Ha ha I like the Wet Seal items... I think I own a few random pieces from there too and there is nothing wrong with that! My wardrobe is from sooo many different places Ross, Target, Forever 21, random accessory places, Express, Gap, Old Navy, JCPenny, Ebay... OMG the list goes on forever!

  3. You look cute! Love the skirt. xx from Amsterdam

  4. I love the skirt! great use of a vintage piece.

  5. awesome outfits! I remember buying the snake skin boots with you. That was an amazing trip and you still rock in your(now) teenie bopper goodness


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