Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project Restyle: Grandma's House Dress

I finally got another Project Restyle photographed!  Yay productive snow days!  :)

Last summer I stopped by a local non-profit resale store for their $10 paper bag sale.  I was super stoked and ready to find all sorts of things but really, couldn't find but a thing or two.  When I went to pay my $10 for a few items, the ladies working wouldn't let me until I found at least a few more things to add to my sack!  So I went back and dug through this and that and found this gem.  

By the last name written on the inside collar, I'm thinking the last place this dress lived was a nursing home.  I loved the color, really any shade of green will work for me, and I loved the ruffle going up the center!  The women at the counter were amazed that this was something I picked out to buy.  They requested to see what it becomes so soon I'll be making a trip back over to share :)

After I initially did my cuts, I wasn't happy with the length nor the waist fit so I added the bedsheet waistband which also helped break up all of the bright green!  

I did have to add a few extra buttons at the top so everyone wouldn't feel the urge to poke my belly button which would be sticking out without them!

It will certainly require a slip which is no bother to me :)

I've still got the top portion of the dress left to do something with....suggestions?

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