Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's No Business Like Snow Business

Are you far from the path of this crazy winter storm that has stomped all over the nation?  Have no fear, you can get your winter weather fix right here, right now from our eyes.

Last night around 10ish?  11ish?  sleet started to fall.  The weathermen referred to it as 'thundersleet' as the thunder rolling along was quite impressive!  Within an hour or so, a good amount of that sleet fell.  And it didn't stop until earlier this evening.  This storm broke record upon record.

The beast usually has no problem with the snow but this afternoon changed his attitude when the snow hit chest height and then he wouldn't venture out without us.  So we played in the snow a bit  :) 

He literally stood RIGHT on top of me so he would quit sinking.  Smarter than the average bear ;)

He would bound through the snow because, let's face it, when the snow comes up to your nose, there's really no other way to travel through it!

One thing that I doubt will ever change is his obsession with eating snow.  I can't blame him, really.

We watched our neighbors attempt to leave to go to the corner store for a good hour or so.  They never returned.  Nor did our snow shovel.

Once the sun went down, I plopped myself down with potato soup on the stove and listed some lightswitch plates to my shop.  It's amazingly been an incredibly productive and relaxing day at the same time.  

School is closed for me again tomorrow and I'm doubting much of anything will be back to its normal self tomorrow.  Makes me happy :)  I gladly welcome another snowday with my fuzzy brood and mister.

Are you still snowed in?  How are you beating cabin fever or has it even hit you yet?  

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  1. I did a whole lot of nothing during my snow days! I started getting a cough and was pretty sick! We had to venture out today to drive Cupcake to the vet so that was the first time I actually stepped out into the snow! Haha. I had a DIY project I had planned on doing on our balcony but I'll probably wait until this weekend when the weather is better and the snow has melted from it!


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