Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three of THOSE Outfits: A Weekend of Celebrations

While reading this post, I strongly recommend you listen to THIS because 1) The Local Natives are awesome and 2) it's what I listened to while writing this :)

When not teaching, I tend to wear jeans, oversized tops and hats nonstop but when the semester is in full swing, I get to have a little more fun with my outfits!  Here's a random outfit from last week including the tunic from the free swap, leggings (my first real go at them!), my awesome target boots and a thrifted gold necklace.  I had a couple of other fun teaching outfits from last week but changed into pjs before I remembered to take pictures!  I do love my pjs :)
As I've gotten older and a bit more reclusive, I find that I don't go out as much on the weekends as I once did.  I mean, I truly did used to tear up the town!  This past weekend though I remembered what it was once like to be young again!  ;)  

One of my longtime bestest friends is getting married in about a month so a group of us ladies got dudded up and headed out to Brookside.  I, of course, wore a strange little number.  
I've really got to work on my modeling face and stance ;)
My mister snapped a few (better) shots while we hung out in the garage.  Yes, we hang out in our garage from time to time.  Where else are we supposed to play darts, lift weights and watch the laundry tumble?
I wore short shorts from Old Navy some years back, navy blue keyhole shirt from Shoe Gypsy, an uh-mazing vintage coat from Salvation Army and a cherished necklace my dad bought my mom when I was a wee tike back on a family vacay in Destin, FL.
I was told that night that I looked like Drew Barrymore and that my glasses were very 'feng sexual'.  I thought that was pretty clever for a stumbling drunk guy.

On Sunday, I hosted my friend's wedding shower at our house last minute due to some unforeseen circumstances with the original location.  I cleaned like the dickens and a good time was had by all.
I wore a dress I made from a sweet bed sheet, clearance cardigan from Target a long, long time ago, bronze leaf necklace from THE Flea Market, thrifted bronze bracelet, oooooold belt I've had forever and shoes which I can't recall where they came from.

At the shower, I was finally able to give the crocheted baby blanket I was working on last month!  I finished it during the blizzard and have been eagerly awaiting gifting it.  The new little lady will be here this weekend!  
Can you guess the favorite sports team in their house?  ;)
Until later!

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  1. LOVE the bedsheet dress. you+dresses= A+ -Leah


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