Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Made For You

I never talk about it much but often in between shows, I'm usually hard at work on custom orders.  And I love it.  There's something completely different making something for someone in particular rather than just creating to create.  I do love both equally, but in different ways.  

In this instance, I created several different pieces for a gal with awesome, offbeat taste.  Right up my alley.
I ended up falling in love with all of these!
And money was exchanged for only about half of these.  The rest we worked out in fantastic trades :)  
One of my favorite things about having custom work done is that it can be altered, changed, revamped until it is exactly how you want it!   In fact, the first and last necklaces pictured here went home looking a bit different than how you see them here today.  

This farm-scene pocket watch belonged to her grandpa.  I love the little hearts I found for this one, as did she.
This one is my absolute favorite.  How could it not be??  
I think people tend to forget about the opportunity to have custom work done.  Most independent artists are more than willing to create specifically for you and are often honored to be asked!  I ask artists all of the time for custom work and I'm never disappointed :)

I also made a counterpart to this lock necklace for her man.  It's not often I do mens' jewelry but am always open to try!  And I'm glad I did as it was pretty stinking cool.  Pardon the absence of a photo of it.
So, I want to know, do you seek out custom work?  What is your favorite part of having something made FOR you?  Artists, what's do you enjoy about doing custom work?


  1. I enjoy doing custom work, especially on smaller things like hats and cowls. I am hesitant to take on larger custom projects such as baby blankets and afghans because those things are hard to estimate price on. Prices for my things are always a balance of cost of materials and amount of time put it.

    I love having things custom made for me! It is always so much fun to see someone else's interpretation of me or of an idea.

  2. OMG all of this pieces are stunningly beautiful! I really love that 4th necklace with 2 little hearts. Is it a watch or a locket?


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