Friday, April 29, 2011

Workspace Snapshot: A Different Job

It's been said before that one of my jobs is working with my folks at their construction company and with the ESL semester having ended yesterday, I'll be spending a lot more time here so I thought I'd show you a few snapshots of one of my 'other' workspaces!
 Working in the electrical field, my dad has always gravitated towards anything that produces light or fire, but that's not to say that there's not some other fun treasures from the past around here!  For example, a Whizzer.  Not quite a bike, not quite a motorcycle but 100% awesome.
 For some of my larger (or dirtier) projects, I'll steal my dad's workbench for an afternoon if it's not already occupied by one of the guys.
  There's all sorts of random around and it's fantastic.
I've always loved this sign. (can you see me below?)
  Vintage Marlboro ads accordion folded so you see a different ad depending on your direction of travel.
 This switchboard came out of a demolished Tulsa Public School many years ago.  I can't tell you how many times I played with those levers growing up!  For the record, it's impossible to flip that giant one!  Trust me, I've tried (and tried, and tried, and tried :)
 Atop that is an old lightbulb display...
 ...and yes, when a certain lever is pulled, all of the antique bulbs work!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Serious Question...

Tucked or untucked?
(I may or may not have worn this for Easter and for school Monday; one day tucked, one day untucked.  The responses were mixed so before I changed Monday evening, we did an impromptu last minute shoot with a very tired model to ask YOUR opinion!  And yes, my sleeve was wet.  We'd just finished working on a fish tank :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Restocking the Vintage

It doesn't feel like I've had as much time as normal to hit sales on the weekends but when I have gone out, I've been finding good deals left and right!  Here's some of the clothing scores in the past week.  NOTHING was over $1.00!  Most of these came from a gigantic church garage sale last Thursday while the cream shirt came from GAST and the stellar gloves from the Flea Market.

While this dress is a few sizes too big for me, I'm wearing it with pride (and cinched up with an oversized belt) today!  
 There's even a fancy schmancy matching shirt which I will not be wearing with the dress :)  It's perfect with a pair of jeans.  I LOVE those poppies all over it!
 I was so stoked to find this shirt...
 ...and then to discover that I had also bought the matching skirt...
 ...that is the PERFECT fit on me!  And it's pretty much my favorite color EVAH!
 A nice, bright yellow, lightweight shirt perfect for spring and fall.
 The most precious vintage gloves that seem to have been made just for my tiny hands!
 I have an EXTREME weakness for flowy, polyester nightgowns so I'm in love with this one.  It does make me look like I'm 90 years old though...sometimes I feel sorry for the mister ;)
 THE cream, polyester shirt that I became immediately smitten with the moment I saw it.
 And finally, one more bright, floral polyester number that reminds me 100% of my Granny :) 
 It's even got super deep pockets :)
In my teens and early twenties, I wore SO much vintage and had a killer collection of broom skirts.  Over the years, I slowly got rid of most of those formerly prized possessions due to jobs that weren't quite a fan of my crazy dress and to make room for new finds.  I've recently been lamenting the absence of all of those gems! I guess that's why I've been hunting out so much vintage lately!  Filling that void from my fashion past ;)  That's not to say that some didn't survive the past purges though - my nightgowns, most of my vintage dresses and my Puritan sweaters have never left my side :)

Are there clothes from your past that you wish you still had?  How do you deal with that loss?!?  ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Minute 5x5

Have you ever heard of the 5x5 show?  The Tulsa Arts Coalition produces this show once a year on May 5th  at 5:55 p.m.  Basically anyone who wants to participate picks up a 5" x 5" canvas and creates their interpretation of art.  Then at the show, every single piece of art in the gallery is for sale for $55, all proceeds benefiting TAC!

My mom got me involved in this last year and I was elated to do it again this year!  I wasn't very good at documenting the process or the show last year so I have high hopes of sharing it with you much better this year!  

Friday night, while paying bills and balancing accounts (exhilarating Friday night, I know), it occurred to me that the deadline to turn in my piece was probably nearing so I randomly took a gander at the literature I had been given and about had a heart attack!  The piece was due the next day and my canvas was still in its wrapper!  PANIC!  Luckily, Friday night was my first night to be home in quite some time so I had an evening to dream something up!

A few months back, I came across a batch of quilling paper at an estate sale and have been wanting to play with it ever since.  I'm quite taken with quilled art for a while now and hope to one day be quite adept at it.  For now, I'm still a novice and I'm ok with that :)  I did decide, however, to incorporate a little beginner quilling into my 5x5!
For my background, I wanted to use more of the antique sheet music I have to mimic the piece I made last year.  Crossing my fingers that the individual who bought my piece last year would want a companion piece!
I played with all sorts of colors and thickness of quilling paper and different patterns, some much more elaborate than I thought I was capable of for an overnight art project.  I ended up going a simplistic route with three fantastic vintage earrings for the focal point.
I'm so in love with the color scheme that it was hard for me to let this one go!  

I will say, the most difficult part of this was figuring out how to attach the quilled paper to my background.  Once I figured that out, it was just a matter of letting the prettiness dry!
And there you have it!  My second 5x5!  Creating it took me back to high school with all of the last minute business ;)  You should mark the opening on your calendars!  Come stop by the show, feel the excitement and then head over to your favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  I know I will :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Tis the season for bunny loving kids, overstuffed tummies and precious family time!


 Hope you've had as wonderful an Easter holiday as we have!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pearl: Polishing it Up

Welcome to Part II of the Pearl Saga!
I've mentioned before that this area is special to me and you may be wondering why.  Or maybe you're not but I'm still going to tell you ;)  
You see, when I'm not teaching I work with my folks at their construction company.  I've worked off and on for them since I was 18 (or longer if you count coming to work with my parents as a child and doing odd tasks! ;).  Their shop has been located right in this area for the past 30 years so I've certainly seen the evolution of the area over that span of time.
As a child, I remember being petrified to be down here for extended amounts of time.  I always worried when my dad worked late and I hated waiting in the car while he would run inside for a minute.  I'm happy to report that those fears left several years ago and now, this is an area where I feel extremely comfortable and my fears are barely and rarely present.
A few years back, I began attending 6th Street Task Force meetings with my folks off and on and as a result, I became SO excited about the future of the area!  I've since spoken incessantly to my local friends about this area and have driven so many of my out-of-town friends down this stretch to tell them about what it will be; what it IS becoming!  
This past weekend the vision of what this area will become was much more clear.  Myself, I've been able to see the potential for years!  My mom and I have driven down this street more times than one could imagine pointing out which buildings we think would be cool for certain types of business, dreaming of the evenings we can get off work and walk down for a drink in OUR DISTRICT!  This past weekend, steps were taken to show ALL of Tulsa what potential this street has; what us dreamers have had in our heads for years.
You have to admit, it's exciting!
What's truly exciting is that there are some small business owners that have already committed to the area and are in the process of setting up shop!  An old friend of mine is set to open her art bar, Lot 6, next month!
And the man who turns forgotten buildings into Tulsa gems, Blake Ewing, will soon be launching his newest restaurant, The Phoenix Cafe which will also house local art and a bookstore!
And did you know that there is already a Farmer's Market every Thursday in the Pearl District?  It's true!
For the event last weekend, there were several pop up shops, much like the one I was a part of.
Another longtime Pearl District resident, Hawley Furniture, was set up. I want everything in their shop!
Mod's served up some gelato and drinks throughout the weekend.  If you haven't visited their diner yet, go ahead and make it a date.  You'll thank me later.
I'm honestly not certain of this company that was set up but I think they were the Gadget Company?  Correct me if I'm wrong!  Regardless, they had lots of fun whatzits to play with :)
Speakers were on hand, as were many local media outlets.
There was constant street entertainment all day long and no shortage of an audience!  
I LOVED watching the young breakdancers!
Food was also aplenty!  Good friends of mine, Vitter's Catering, supplied the sweets for the weekend :)
It was a nonstop, smile-filled, positive, colorful, exciting, inspiring, pride-filled event.  
I know sometimes it's hard to envision what something could become but sometimes, you've just got to let yourself dream a little and believe in something.  I cannot wait to see the changes continue to take place and for the dreamers' visions to come alive!
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