Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Minute 5x5

Have you ever heard of the 5x5 show?  The Tulsa Arts Coalition produces this show once a year on May 5th  at 5:55 p.m.  Basically anyone who wants to participate picks up a 5" x 5" canvas and creates their interpretation of art.  Then at the show, every single piece of art in the gallery is for sale for $55, all proceeds benefiting TAC!

My mom got me involved in this last year and I was elated to do it again this year!  I wasn't very good at documenting the process or the show last year so I have high hopes of sharing it with you much better this year!  

Friday night, while paying bills and balancing accounts (exhilarating Friday night, I know), it occurred to me that the deadline to turn in my piece was probably nearing so I randomly took a gander at the literature I had been given and about had a heart attack!  The piece was due the next day and my canvas was still in its wrapper!  PANIC!  Luckily, Friday night was my first night to be home in quite some time so I had an evening to dream something up!

A few months back, I came across a batch of quilling paper at an estate sale and have been wanting to play with it ever since.  I'm quite taken with quilled art for a while now and hope to one day be quite adept at it.  For now, I'm still a novice and I'm ok with that :)  I did decide, however, to incorporate a little beginner quilling into my 5x5!
For my background, I wanted to use more of the antique sheet music I have to mimic the piece I made last year.  Crossing my fingers that the individual who bought my piece last year would want a companion piece!
I played with all sorts of colors and thickness of quilling paper and different patterns, some much more elaborate than I thought I was capable of for an overnight art project.  I ended up going a simplistic route with three fantastic vintage earrings for the focal point.
I'm so in love with the color scheme that it was hard for me to let this one go!  

I will say, the most difficult part of this was figuring out how to attach the quilled paper to my background.  Once I figured that out, it was just a matter of letting the prettiness dry!
And there you have it!  My second 5x5!  Creating it took me back to high school with all of the last minute business ;)  You should mark the opening on your calendars!  Come stop by the show, feel the excitement and then head over to your favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  I know I will :)


  1. #1 have you heard Charlotte Gainsbourg's album 5:55? The band Air produced it. There's a title track too:
    #2 Um, had no idea what quilling was and OMG that's SO cool! I hope you get really awesomely "adept" at it too and make me lots of things.
    #3 the little quills on your 5x5 look like little bass clefs. Me likey.

  2. I find that figuring out the best way to attach different materials to one another is often the trickiest part of creating a piece! I am constantly searching out the best adhesives and playing with ways to sew paper and other materials to canvas. Oh, the joys of mixed media :) Love your piece, by the way!


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