Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Weekend In the Woods

I'm a little late in sharing, but am sharing nonetheless :)  A few weeks back, the mister, the beast and I headed to beautiful Tahlequah to camp alongside the Illinois River before the masses overtake the campgrounds when warmer weather arrives.  We were there with literally 20 of our closest friends!  The mister headed up one night before I did and slept in near-freezing temperatures.  I do enjoy camping in the cold but not THAT cold!  Glad I waited a day to join in!  Here's a taste of our weekend :)
Blue skies with the beginnings of the gusty winds.
The beast ran unleashed the entire time!  Makes me happy for him when he doesn't have to be tethered :)
The entire campground was ours!  Bocce Ball, Ladder Ball and Washer courts were set up throughout our grounds.  A little kickball was played as well (don't ask my about my kickball skills that weekend...not my finest moment!).
Our tent has a little doggie door for whatever reason.  The beast seemed to think he could fit.  He could not.
Lots of fishing was done with a few bites here and there.
My men.
The mister went on an exploratory walk at one point...
...and found his way onto the other side of the river where he stalked us with the camera for a bit.
His pathway to the 'other side'.
Life or death warnings have never looked so beautiful.
Friends brought bikes which were SO much fun to ride on for the long trek to the bathrooms!  The beast would often run alongside :)
The beast had a min pin friend for the weekend.  One who was a big fan of asparagus stalks.
A gigantic shrimp boil was dinner.  I, not being a fishy eater, brought dinky hotdogs.  The shrimp devouring was fun to watch though!
The night ended around the fire.  The HUGE fire.  
Such an enjoyable 24 hours!  Have I told you how much I love camping?  ;)


  1. good ole tahlequah! i lost ross's glasses in that river! glad you went when you did.. by may its full of drunks floating the river and yelling at eachother.. :)

  2. The beast looks like a wild bear standing in the river like that, it's adorable. And so are you two lovebirds all cuddled up by the water. This looks like a great trip, and now I can't wait for ours!


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