Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day in Pictures

It's always so hard getting back in the swing of things after an extended weekend!  It's amazing how adding just one more day onto a weekend leads to so many more opportunities to travel and to knock things off of ever-growing to-do lists!  

Here's a photo-heavy post of our Memorial Day weekend.

We ran away to the woods Friday night to spend some time with the folks and to participate in my fourth and final show for the month of May!
  (These puppies need homes!!)
 My mom's paintings all colorfully displayed together!
 We returned home early Saturday evening and worked our tails off cleaning like mad and later enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Sunday morning after a heaping breakfast, we stopped by the Fairgrounds to take in a bit of the dog show!  When the mister and I were first dating, we happened upon this show and still find ourselves talking about it!  I was ecstatic to see the show had returned and was free to attend!  We had such a wonderful time :) 
 You can tell I fancy the gigantic breeds!
 Watching the handlers go through the agility course WITHOUT their dogs before the competition began has to be one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen.  And watching those shepherds and heelers go through those courses is amazing!  They are like lightening!  
 Sunday afternoon after the dog show and some errands, we cleaned my car.  I mean CLEANED my car like it's never been cleaned before.  As in three hours of cleaning.  As in I don't recognize it anymore.
 Of course we spent plenty of time in the garden and backyard.  We've been feasting on LOTS of broccoli, new potatoes and lettuce lately!  Looks like cabbage is up next!
 I did a minimal amount of baking Monday afternoon to use up some ripened bananas.  I made my first batch of banana oat bars and was pretty pleased.  They're quite the perfect breakfast bar!

It was quite the tasty, warm, windy, fun, busy, perfect holiday weekend.  How was yours?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weathering the Weather

After a busy weekend, I finally had the chance to sit and breathe on Sunday.  
 We picked up a hammock last week and Sunday was the first chance I had to lounge in it.  The weather, while predicted to be iffy last weekend, was pretty much perfect and full of cartoon-like clouds for us.  It's this time of year that I love...
 ...and hate.  My anxiety level is always heightened this time of year in fear that one of Oklahoma's infamous tornadoes would show its face.  Sadly, just a short drive east on 1-44 at the exact same time I was lounging about, our neighboring city of Joplin was being ravaged by the humbling storms.  
 Unfortunately, two days later, Oklahoma was hit from all directions.  Being the weather worry-wart that I am, I watched the weather ALL day long at work and secured a place of shelter at a neighboring vacant house with an underground garage.  We packed up food, radio, flashlights, blankets and pet essentials and were ready to go.
 The animals, braver than I, watched the storm roll in.
 We never felt threatened enough in our neck of the woods to go underground but as a precautionary measure (and to give the pets a good practice run), I spent a good 30 minutes in the hallway with the kids 'just in case'.    
The devastation in the media has just been heartbreaking.  We've had several friends who've been affected this spring season and I'm hoping with all of my might that it will be another year (or longer!) before this type of weather blows through again.  On the flip side, the courage, resolve and strength of those affected are nothing short of inspiring.  I've shed many a tears the past few days celebrating the stories of survival while mourning the loss of the innocent.

While the sun may be shining down upon you, the sky may be grim over somebody else.  I've been thinking about that lots lately, in literal and figurative manners.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Festivals Fly

Wowzers!  I can't believe Blue Dome is already over.  Again!

It seems the three years I've done this show, Friday always brings rain at some point.  This year, Friday was the rainiest of them all!  I went through three pairs of new socks since I wasn't thinking and didn't wear my galoshes!  Shame on me!
Luckily, things cleared up by the time the masses were getting off work so we got a little traffic Friday!
 Saturday was fantastic!  I got a little bit of a pink tint on my shoulders but the warmth felt SO good!  People were certainly out and about which led to pleasing sales for me!  Time to restock the inventory!
 I always get such a kick out of running into an old friend's Dad who is one of the most entertaining guys out there!  He made us several balloon beings that kept us busy for way too long :)
One of the difficult things about festivals is that they are loooooong and are hard to do alone.  I shared the weekend and a booth with my friend Sarah.  
 I love having such a supportive network of friends that come and visit me at shows!  When one group would leave, it seems another one would immediately show up after!
My friend Crystal was a Blue Dome newbie but not anymore! Loved running into her all weekend!
 I spent much of Saturday and Sunday standing and holding boards up in fear of giant surprise wind gusts!  Good thing I'm not one to care what my hair looks like because it was wild woman hair ALL weekend!  
I was very pleased with the way the set up looked and do think that the mock set up helped immensely!  Sarah's goodies were on the peach and white covered table.
 April's dad set up his amazing paintings with us.  We have two of these in our house and I LOVE them!  In fact, our kitchen colors were inspired by one of them!
 April set up her jewelry with her dad, right next to Sarah and I.  Most colorful jewelry around!
In the past, we've always been assigned a space on 2nd Street but this year, we were situated at the end of Elgin, across from Joe Mommas and El Guapos and just two booths down from our local home brew crew!  I was a HUGE fan of our location this year!
April and her dad were shot by a local photographer for his coverage of the event.  Watching them get situated was pretty entertaining.  Sadly, it's the only photo I have of April from the weekend!
Big thanks to the organizers for putting on a great event; to the other artists for making cool stuff and to YOU for supporting crazies like us!  
See you there next year!

Monday, May 23, 2011

One of Those Outfits: The Puffy Shirt

A few weeks ago I happened upon an estate sale in the middle of the week while out for lunch from work.  I took a sharp turn (yes, I'm one of those folks) to quickly check it out and came away with a couple great finds for next to nothing!
One of my scores was this sheer puffy shirt.  I wasn't 100% sure if it would fit or not but for less than a buck, there was no way I was leaving it there!  Luckily, it fits me perfectly!  I was worried that the neck would be too tight, but it was like they used my neck as the model ;)

   I could never get this out of my head though...Makes me laugh :)
The shirt has these little faux cardboard things in the shoulders to make them stand up.  I wasn't sure what I thought about them for the first part of the day but later, I decided that I loved them :)
The dancing beast wore his collar while I wore the puffy shirt, an old undershirt tank, sexy boot GAP jeans and some sandals that came from the great beyond.
What do you think?  Should we encourage the return of the puffy shirt???

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blue Dome, Take Three

Tomorrow is the kickoff of one of my favorite shows in Tulsa, the Blue Dome Arts Festival!  It runs Friday - Sunday, pretty much the entire weekend at 2nd & Elgin.  Yes, Mayfest is also this weekend, also downtown. What's the difference?  I would say that Blue Dome is more local, houses more affordable products and is TONS of fun!  Don't get me wrong, Mayfest is fabulous as well but Blue Dome is definitely more my speed :)

This will be my third year to do the fest and every year it seems to get better and better!  Recaps of my previous years there can be found here and here.  And I'm super stoked to be sharing booth space (this year TWO spaces!) with Santiquity, April and Spread Eagle Paintings (April's Dad)!

I hate to admit it but, I've never really been one to do mock booth set ups before a show.  That has changed.  Yesterday, I decided to play around with various table coverings and the like in our over-crowded garage to accomplish a more cohesive display for this year's festival.
The mister worked on cleaning and organizing while I worked on different set ups.  It was then that we realized that I was dressed exactly like my booth colors!  You can tell I certainly lean towards certain colors!
 It got even worse after I pulled out this fabric:
In addition to many new necklaces, I've restocked my rings for the show!  I plan on working overtime tonight to push out a few more surprise items just for you :)
Bring the family, bring the pups and have a blast!  Come stop by and say hi!  I'd love to see each and every one of you!  Celebrate my third year at Blue Dome with me and the rest of Tulsa :)
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