Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Post About Fence Posts

If I had to say what my mister's favorite place at our house was, I'd most definitely say the backyard.  When we moved in four years ago, the backyard was in pretty bad shape.  It was overgrown with random plants and small trees, no grass grew, leaves were feet deep and broken down lawn ornaments were scattered throughout.  If I had lived there alone, it probably would have taken me years to even begin thinking about sprucing it up but the mister immediately began working! He'd spend hours upon hours working out there and little by little, I began to see his vision!

When we first called this house home, we had some spectacular elderly neighbors, Hap and Helen.  We LOVED talking to them over the fence and swapping veggies with them.  They LOVED giving the beast secret treats, gifting us with roses from their garden and laughing at our gardening mishaps.  We could never bring ourselves to put up a wall in between us!  Sadly, they are no longer with us anymore and we miss them dearly.  We have a daily reminder of them though :)

So now, we are surrounded with a vacant yard, a yard that never hosts a soul and a yard that less than favorable things are seen in.  We finally decided to pull the trigger and invest in a privacy fence a few months back and can now say it's done!  Big projects like that make me nervous so I was apprehensive but excited.  
We hired some friends of mine to work in the evenings and the weekend to get the job done.  I was amazed how quickly everything progressed with the exception of a few rained out days.
The beast LOVED having three yards to traipse through.
Right before the whole shebang began!
Never having seen a fence being built before, I really learned so much watching the guys work.
Side by side, our yard was transformed.  
I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly happy I am that we decided to finally do this!  I know I should have known before but I honestly didn't realize how much this would transform our outside space.  The sense of privacy is priceless and the view is light years better than it was before :)  And we're now in the market for outdoor artwork to hang!

Next up is finishing our deck/porch, planting the rest of the garden, putting in a flower bed and then it's Garden Party time!!!
I love backyard season :)


  1. Wow, I love your outdoor space! Who knew just what a fence could do? This makes me so excited to imagine one day being settle into a house! First things first, I have to actually get packed and moved to Tulsa ;)

  2. This transformation is AMAZING! I can't get over how much better it looks now. It's a perfect backyard haven. I love the garden, the green grass, the tree, the deck, and of course the beast. ;-)


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