Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weathering the Weather

After a busy weekend, I finally had the chance to sit and breathe on Sunday.  
 We picked up a hammock last week and Sunday was the first chance I had to lounge in it.  The weather, while predicted to be iffy last weekend, was pretty much perfect and full of cartoon-like clouds for us.  It's this time of year that I love...
 ...and hate.  My anxiety level is always heightened this time of year in fear that one of Oklahoma's infamous tornadoes would show its face.  Sadly, just a short drive east on 1-44 at the exact same time I was lounging about, our neighboring city of Joplin was being ravaged by the humbling storms.  
 Unfortunately, two days later, Oklahoma was hit from all directions.  Being the weather worry-wart that I am, I watched the weather ALL day long at work and secured a place of shelter at a neighboring vacant house with an underground garage.  We packed up food, radio, flashlights, blankets and pet essentials and were ready to go.
 The animals, braver than I, watched the storm roll in.
 We never felt threatened enough in our neck of the woods to go underground but as a precautionary measure (and to give the pets a good practice run), I spent a good 30 minutes in the hallway with the kids 'just in case'.    
The devastation in the media has just been heartbreaking.  We've had several friends who've been affected this spring season and I'm hoping with all of my might that it will be another year (or longer!) before this type of weather blows through again.  On the flip side, the courage, resolve and strength of those affected are nothing short of inspiring.  I've shed many a tears the past few days celebrating the stories of survival while mourning the loss of the innocent.

While the sun may be shining down upon you, the sky may be grim over somebody else.  I've been thinking about that lots lately, in literal and figurative manners.  

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