Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden Party: Before & After of a Before & After

Behold, the easiest DIY ever.

For our Garden Party, we had invited several folks who had never been to our house before or who hadn't been over in a long time.  For those with fuzzy memories of what the backyard used to be, we wanted to provide some before shots!

At an estate sale a few weeks before the party, I picked up a couple 8x10 frames for $1 each.  I really wish I had taken before before photos because the frames were from the early eighties shrink wrapped with the 'fake' family photos still in the frames.  Pretty entertaining images.  A third frame came from an oooooooold earring display I fashioned a few years back.
On a pretty day while the mister worked on finishing our roof deck, I set up a spray painting workshop to bring new life to some of my displays, plant pots and the picture frames!  Since we've been accenting the yard with a bold red, I went with it and brightened the frames up with the same color!
I also partially set up the canopy to let it dry off in the sun from its bath from the day before.
Once the frames were done drying, I printed up three photos of the yard from our early months here on white cardstock, put some hangers on them and hung them above the food tables so people could gander upon the progress while they filled their plates!  :)
I know, ridiculously simple!  DIY projects don't have to be super inventive, complicated or out of the box to be effective :)

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  1. Your yard is looking absolutely gorgeous! The frames on the fence add a really cool decor aspect that you don't always see in the outdoors. Neat idea! So how was the party?


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