Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Party: DIY Garden Flag!

One of my many DIYs for the garden party was to make a new flag!  When we moved in, we had a month long debate as to what that pole in the yard was.  I was adamant that it was a tetherball pole but the mister swore it was a flag pole.  Well he was right and I was wrong.  Big surprise ;)
For the past four years, an OU flag has hung out there.  I'm not a fan of exterior sports paraphernalia but I let the flag in the backyard slide ;)  While we were working on things for the party, we noticed how tattered the ol OU flag was looking and somehow I convinced the mister to let me make a replacement instead of buying a new one!  Yay!
 I dug around my fabric drawer until I came across this vintage material that I LOVE.  It's a slicker fabric, much like a typical flag and I had large amounts of it so it was the winner!  
 This project took maybe one hour and was so satisfying!  I just laid out the fabric over the OU flag and cut a giant rectangle, leaving about 2 inches extra on each side.  Then I folded the hem over twice so you couldn't see frayed edges and sewed.
 I wanted the end that would hanging from the pole to be nicely reinforced so I found some scraps of some other vintage fabric that was a bit thicker but that didn't clash with the flag fabric.  I just folded the end fabric over and sewed down!  
 Finally, I knocked in some grommets to match where the clips would hit and I was done!  By the way, I'm not sure I've ever shared how much I LOVE making grommets!  Large, small, whatever!  I just love putting them in!  I'm weird and I'm ok with that :)
 I could not be more pleased!  Like I said, SUPER easy and fast and worth it!  Now I want to make more for different seasons and one with a beast mascot on it :)
Unrelated to the flag but related to this post is the matter of my dress I was wearing!  For the past few years I've made quick stops at Garden Ridge at the beginning of summer to stock up on their summer dresses.  I know, Garden Ridge?  Dresses?  Seriously!  They are no more then $10 and have ALL sorts of styles, colors and sizes!  In fact, I'm wearing a different one today :)  I encourage all of you frugal and fashionable ladies to check them out!

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  1. Aw, I LOVE your flag!! We have a majorly faded Key West flag hanging from our deck outside but now I'm inspired to make my own. I've never inserted grommets before though!


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