Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Party: Making it Happen

Since we got our new fancy schmancy fence a little while back, we've been busy planning a party to celebrate the backyard's new facelift!  A garden party to be exact!

The party has now come and gone but not without a ton of photos :)  We kicked things off mid-afternoon on Saturday and pretty much invited the world!  We had around forty family and friends join and and we couldn't be more grateful to them for celebrating with us!  I'll break up the recaps in a few posts beginning with the set up, some DIYs, my outfit and then the actual party!

First things first - set the date and let your guests know!  Since summer schedules fill up quickly, we set the date further than a month out but we wanted to make sure everyone knew in time!  That also gave us a goal date to finish up little projects around the house.  

Food wise, we didn't want to break the bank and we didn't want to be working on food during the entire party so we made things simple.  Hot dogs galore with all of the fixings, salad made from the garden, chips and salsa made from the garden, LOTS of ice cream, shrimp munchies (with EASY homemade cocktail sauce - just ketchup and horse radish!) and hummus and dippers!  We set up a few tables near the grill and under some before pictures that we hung to put all of the food and drinks on.
 We didn't want to exclude anyone so kiddos were more than welcome!  I convinced the mister to let me set up our canopy for a kid zone.  I'd love to do something like this again but would spend a bit more time making it look a bit more polished and put together.  It certainly did the trick though!  I laid down a few tarps and topped those with a few old comforters.  We hooked up a fan out there as it was quite a toasty day!  I picked up some bubble wands, soaker balls and water guns which all hung out in a bucket full of water. This is the one area of the yard where we don't have much grass growing so the canopy helped hide that :)
 We bought a beautiful stained glass piece from a fellow artist at Blue Dome and hung it above the garden, flanking it with a few old red candle holders I bought at a garage sale many, many years ago.  I sewed up a flag specifically for the party but will go into more detail about that later :)  

Next to the table and chairs you see was the hammock which was, of course, quite popular.  Many chairs found their way around the hammock and it became the place to be in the later hours :)
  The mister finished up the roof on the deck the night before the party and now I'm ready for a rainstorm so we can take advantage of the shelter!  The deck has been a loooooooong project that we're so excited to almost be done with!  We'll be screening it in for our next project :)

The mister hung some of our clamp lights on the edge of the desk so games could be played after the sun went down!  Lots of ladder ball and washers were played!  I was hoping my limbo game would also be used but it stayed in the box for this party.  Next time, next time ;)

Where you see the mulch below will be a flower bed once our seedlings are ready to go in the ground!
So there's the organization and set up!  I hope you'll come back for more on the garden party!  And maybe you'll leave inspired to throw your own!

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