Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bags Upon Bags

It seems that during the summer I tend to sew more than anything else.  Same was true last summer and I'm quite OK with that :)  If you're a fan of Bifftastica's Facebook Page then you've already seen all of my new bags but in case you aren't, here they are!  As normal, they are all made with vintage fabrics and are lined with old (some vintage) sheets.
 I'm SO in love with this bag below that I think I may start making more according to the pattern I drafted up!
 This pretty lady already has a name on it :)
And if you recall the necklace I was working on in my task light post from yesterday, then you'll be pleased to see the outcome!  It hangs beautifully and is made from a funky vintage money clip that I actually carried around and used for a good while :)
These will all meet their first show tomorrow at WoodyFest!

1 comment:

  1. I am smitten with that bright, summery fabric! Would you be open for the idea of making me a custom bag? I have a vintage pillowcase that I adore, and I think it would look wonderful as a front panel on a fabric bag but my sewing skills are not up to the challenge...


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