Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Alliday: Call For Artists!

I haven't talked too much about The Alliday Show on here before but that's about to change!  Last year, I decided that Tulsa was in need of a little something extra - an all handmade arts and crafts show that's free to the public - so I made it happen! 

The first Alliday was produced, complete with 60 handmade artists, in June of 2010 and is being done again, this year on December 17th!  A holiday Alliday!  And this year there is space for 80 artists!  WooHoo!  Yay, exclamation marks!  ;) 

I'm currently accepting applications for our December show from anyone making their own, unique merchandise!  We'd love it if you would help spread the Alliday word!  We welcome you to join us on our Facebook page or our Etsy team.  You can even go ahead and RSVP to the event!
We'd love to have you as a vendor, shopper, supporter or all three wrapped up into one! 


  1. Oh gosh, if only I lived closer!

  2. I'll be sending in my app as soon as I get paid. I can't wait! I think this will be a good time of year too. And will you be walking around checking on vendors, looking all adorable with a great big smile on your face like you did last year? You are awesome, Briana!


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