Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Fourth of July Weekend

In the past, we've had some REALLY hellacious 4th of July holiday weekends.  So much so that I've felt like we're cursed and probably shouldn't leave the house for the holiday weekend.  This year though, we got word that an old, fantastic family friend that the mister hadn't ever met would be hanging out with my folks at their cabin.  We decided one low-key overnight trip sounded perfect.
We spent time having drinks and cigars with friends...
...and posing in $1.25 outfits and borrowed hats, 
I caught my dad at one point with a glue gun fancying up his golf cart.  Crafts aren't just for the women in our house! 
 We swam with the beast in the cold, cold creek which felt so, so good.
 My dad and I did lots of dancing while we waited for the fireworks show to begin... 
 ...and did lots of catching up with a blast from the past.
 One of the craziest and most awesome blasts from the past you could imagine, that is.
 Spectated on some egg tossing...
 ...and watched the masses gather.
 Craft project success!  Glue gun + spare car battery = the only golf cart with firecracker xmas lights :)
 And we enjoyed an injury-free 4th of July fireworks show!
 It was just what the doctor and America ordered.
I hope today is as good to you as this weekend has been to us!  Be careful and have fun!


  1. I feel so festive just looking at this post! It looks like you had a blast, and I love your dad's craft project. ;-) And the photo of you two dancing is priceless. Glad you had fun!

  2. I really wish I could've been there! and that Fender shirt looks great on B....great shot, too!


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