Friday, July 22, 2011

Secret Gardens

Let's finish this West Coast trek up, shall we?!  After we spent some time with Pinkie and Blue Boy at the Huntington Museum, we headed out back to their gardens and then realized why the entrance fee was more than we expected - more than 200 acres of UH-MAZING gardens!  There was everything from rose gardens, desert gardens, the Australian outback to Japanese gardens (just to name a few)!  We had only planned on being at the museum for an hour or so but ended up staying for over three hours due to traipsing around in the never-ending gardens.  We ended up getting lost (even with a map!) and had to use our phones' compasses to find our way out!  The gardens were absolutely breathtaking and such a welcomed surprise.  Our trek in photos:  


  1. That looks like heaven! The desert garden is my favorite. You can really tell what fun personalities you girls have between you peeking through the trees and your sis with the booty poke from the cactus. ;-)

  2. Oh wow! What a magical place! I really miss green stuff :) I need to plant a cactus garden! These are great pics.


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