Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The St. Vincent de Paul Scores

I mentioned that I would share my St. Vincent de Paul's thrifting scores so here they are!  Perhaps you can help me figure out how to/if I should alter a few of these...

I LOVE the pattern on this dress but the sleeves and neckline are a bit heavy.  I'm thinking about chopping off the sleeves quite a bit shorter and making a V neckline but I'm nervous about making those initial cuts.  Opinions?
I ended up wearing this dress on the second day of my trip and felt very prairie-like.  In a good way ;)  Soooo comfy but part of me thinks it could stand to be six inches shorter...leave it or shorten it?  I can't decide yet!  I may even shorten those sleeves up a bit.  Hmm. 
It also had a Universal Studios tag inside the neck.  What film do you think it was in??
What a pretty polyester this one is :)  Definitely more of a Spring or Fall dress though.
The only 'modern' dress that I bought that weekend - a $5 H&M score which I wore on a night out during my trip.  Fits perfect, lightweight for summer and like nothing I have!
This baby has already gone to the chopping blocks!  I took off the sleeves, paired it with a pretty brown belt and shoes and Shazam!  A perfect floral summer dress!
It's a bit sheer though so an underdress is a must.
I *almost* wore this dress this morning but can't decide what I think of the sleeves just yet.  I'd have to get creative on the sleeve removal if I went that route.  Opinions?
I sure do love the pattern of this one :)  It screams me!
So there you have it, my thrifty CA scores!  Amazingly, I was able to cram all of this plus some other purchases in my carry-on and didn't have to check one bag!  I'm a pro at fitting a lot of junk in small spaces :)

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