Friday, July 1, 2011

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Heaven

Before I left to visit my sister, I told her that I would love to hit a few thrift stores in LA so she did a little gabbing here and there and was directed to St. Vincent de Paul Thrift.  And it was heavenly.  And HUGE.
It was tucked back in a strange little location (bless you, GPS) about twenty minutes from my sis' place.  I was a little tired and blah feeling until we entered.  Thrifting is apparently feel good medicine for me!
They have everything.  EVERYTHING.  It's a good thing I was flying and could only take home clothes!
When we first arrived, all I saw was furniture.  Rows and rows of furniture and housewares.  I was a little worried that clothing was in another location somewhere in town until we turned a corner and saw this slice of heaven:
I used my sister as a human clothes rack where I piled on my finds all over her as I shopped :)
We got a pretty big kick out of these shorts which also had a Universal Studios tag inside.
Imagine our elation when we came across the matching top to those shorts in a completely different part of the store!  I SO wish I knew what movie they came from!  Any ideas???
I came away with six or seven vintage dresses and one 'modern' dress for around $60.  A bit more than I care to pay at thrift stores but the finds were totally worth the money.  And yes, I'll have the scores lined up for you in another post coming soon :)

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