Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Workspace Snapshot: Papa's Task Light

Before I was around, my Papa ran his own machine shop in Broken Arrow for many, many years.  His company eventually shut down and much of his office equipment was put into storage in a backroom of his house.  Last year while he was on an extended vacation to visit family, my family overhauled his house (with his permission, of course) and fixed the place up for him!  Not being able to contribute monetarily, I worked incessantly on cleaning and organizing, two of my favorite things to do!  As a result, I came across MANY amazing treasures from the past, many of which found a new home in our house.  

One of those treasures was my Papa's work light.  And in all honesty, this was something my dad came across first and took to his own shop, later passing it on to me when he realized he didn't need it!  It sat in our garage for quite a few months, gathering dust and waiting to be used when I move my workspace which I have yet to do.   
 A month or so ago, I finally decided that it needed a better home than the garage mainly because I feared it would get damaged from the back deck construction junk we had stored near it!  I cleaned it up, clamped it on and crossed my fingers that it would still work...and it did!
 It has a round florescent bulb, that I'm hoping is still made when the time comes to replace it, and a large magnifying window centered in the lamp.  It has several different hinges that allow the lamp to be moved around to reach different areas and heights and clamps down quite securely onto your workspace.
 Right around the time I decided to set this guy up, Design*Sponge posted this article about a similar style of lamp, much to my delight!  (a short while later they did a post about wooden hangers the same day I pulled out some to use in a display!  I'm pretty sure they're stalking me ;)
 I've been using the light pretty regularly now, in addition to a modern task light that I've been using for a few years and that gives a more broad light.
 Now that I've been using it for a bit, I can't imagine not having it around!  And the fact that it was used for so long by my Papa, well, that just makes it priceless to me :)
The necklace that evolved from this set up is divine, if I may say so myself, is completely different than what you see above and will be shared with you soon :)


  1. I absolutely adore that! I got an old Victrola from my mom and I really want to restore it and display it in my living room. They just made things so much better years ago!

  2. That is a beautiful lamp! I love the story that goes along with it, too. :)


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