Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Third Time's a Charm

Amazing.  Three outfits in a row.  I'm on a roll!
If you were a guest at our Garden Party, you saw the upper half of this original dress.  As you can see, it was super long on little ol' me and too much fabric for hot Oklahoma summers!  I picked it up at a random estate sale I stopped by while running errands for work (shhhhh, don't tell my folks! ;) and spent only $1!  
 I lopped off the bottom half and removed the sleeves to make a summer dress, which I will share on here in the future, and was left with a good amount of material from the bottom of the dress with that killer pattern on it!  I finally pulled it out of my stash the other night, got rid of the already-falling-apart-hem, took it in through the back to fit and threw in an elastic waistband!  
 I layered a few tanks, strapped on the boots from yesterday, threw on my favorite cardi and accessorized with the Zippo earrings and a handmade silver/stained glass necklace given to me as a bridesmaid gift :)
Even the beast approves of the refashioning!  High-fives all around!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am SO excited to share this news with you!  YOU have the chance to win one of my 'apron' bags!!!
Prairie Hive, a magnificent midwest online design magazine and blog, is hosting a giveaway and the prize is this lady!  These apron bags are a perfect size and shape for running around town and heading out for the night.
She's made from a vintage 1950's barkcloth drapery which is one of my most popular fabrics and was designed and made by yours truly!  She's one of a kind, lined with a 1970's bedsheet and closes with a beautiful vintage pearlized yellow button.
So how do you enter?  Simply go to THIS POST, comment and you're in! 
You've got a week to enter so get over there!  Good Luck!!

One of Those Outfits: The Second First Day

Finished up the second day of classes today and met my remaining students!  It's going to be a busy, but wonderful semester.  I can already tell that I've got a great bunch of eager students and I've got loads of ideas for the rest of the semester!

I did a mental list today and from what I can recall, I've got students from Columbia, Mexico, Laos, China, Vietnam, Togo, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Peru and Turkey just to name a few.  I LOVE being in the middle of all of those cultures!
 Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been super busy in the evenings tending to piles of clothes needing a little TLC.  I took a little time the other night to fix up this blue polyester number that I scored on my trip to visit my sister on the west coast!

I LOVED this one on the hanger but when I put it on, the blue was just too much so I decided to get rid of those sleeves and I'm SO glad I did!
Beyond comfortable and with a little tank on underneath, perfectly modest for the classroom.  I always keep a cardigan on hand for cold moments (which I have often) but didn't have to use until this evening!
 I live right down the street from a Target so you'll notice that there's many odds and ends I pick up from their clearance racks that will show up on the blog.  These boots are no exception.

 I partnered all of this with a cuff bracelet that once belonged to my aunt in the sixties and my beloved silver Zippo flame earrings.
So far so good on sharing outfits from the semester!  Two days in, two days down.  We'll see how the future goes :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

One of Those Outfits: The First Day of School

Day One of the fall semester is done!  Tomorrow is pretty much the first day as well with a different batch of students but technically the first day is over ;)
Lately I've been mending and altering all sorts of vintage dresses to prepare them for school and this one was no exception!  It originally had loooooong sleeves with elastic bands around the wrists that made it feel a little more dated than I would prefer so I just chopped those things off and did a little hemming!  I'm VERY pleased with it.  I picked it up for $1.25 at the estate sale I hit a few weeks ago and do believe it was handmade by the woman who lived there, much like the skirts I picked up.  Did I mention that this dress ALSO has pockets?  Score! 
I wore my reliable Target pumps I picked up a few years ago which are such a dream to teach in.  I wish I could run around in heels all day like I used to but with as much running around as I do now, it's just not feasible or comfortable.  My feet thank me :)
It's a sheer, lightweight, comfy number that requires an underdress.  I'm hoping to come across some in colors other than black soon.  I strapped on my brown eighties belt (the best quarter I've ever spent!) and one of my beloved coin necklaces and was on my way!  
Once I got to school though and saw the other teachers, I suddenly remembered we were supposed to wear our matching teacher shirts!  Oops!  I wasn't the only one who forgot though so my embarrassment was short lived :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dustbowl Recap

Welp, I just finished up my last show of the summer, Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman!  
 The mister and I got up super duper early yesterday, dropped off the beast with my folks and were on the road for a day surrounded by creatives and college kids!  (I can say kids since I'm an old lady now and since I teach at a college ;)
 With all of the new bags I've been making, I needed a better way to display them so I dreamt up this hanging wall made of chain and some bamboo sticks I've had since college.  I never did a test run so there was a lot of finger crossing but to my delight, it worked out great!  And I could even hang my earring rack which has always seemed to get lost before!  Now to figure out how to replicate this display at an indoor show.  Hmmm...
 As a cold natured person, I rarely complain about the heat but I must say, this show rivaled WoodyFest in the heat department!  I think the main differences were that WoodyFest vending is mainly at night while Dustbowl is smackdab in the middle of the day and WoodyFest is in a field while Dustbowl is in a concrete jungle.  It was a toasty Saturday filled with LOTS of sunscreen for this pale gal and LOADS of water!
 I love doing shows in other cities because I get to meet and reconnect with so many other artists!  I was thrilled to finally meet Brandy of Bella Vita Jewelry, to see my dear friend Nikki of Gleeful Peacock, grab some more garb from Bombs Away, and to see the always-inspiring Sam Lamb.

And being in Norman and so close to Oklahoma City, I usually get to see old friends from college which is SUCH a treat! 
We decided to head back to Tulsa after the show which made for an extra long day but also made for one of the best nights of sleep I've had in a long time!  :)

I'll be back in the show circuit on September 30th & October 1st for Indie Emporium!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bringing the Bank to Dustbowl

If you're in the Norman/OKC area tomorrow, come out to visit myself and many other amazing artists at Dustbowl Arts Market at Campus Corner!  This show is SO much fun and with it being coupled with a music festival, you're guaranteed to have a grand time! 
I'm bringing a heavy load of bags this time around with three SPECIAL guests:
Antique bank bag bags!
Incredibly sturdy, quite unique and totally Oklahoman!  I doubt they will last for long so come early and stay late :)
See you there!

Workspace Snapshot: Back to School!

I think it's pretty well-known that I'm a lady that likes to stay busy with various jobs.  One of my jobs that I don't really talk about too much on here is my teaching job which is really my favorite job!  I don't post much on here about it because I prefer to keep my students' lives private and keep this more of a crafty/life blog but today, I thought I'd share a few quick snapshots of my teaching work environment!  
I've been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for almost five years now at our local community college and can't imagine not having that outlet!  I LOVE my colleagues more than I could even express in words and I LOVE working with adults from ALL over the world.  One misconception of my job is that I teach English to Spanish speakers only when in reality, Spanish speakers are only a small portion of my students!  In any given semester, it's likely that I'll have students from 10-15 different countries, all speaking different languages!  I teach solely in English to various levels of speakers.  This semester I'll be taking on a high level Speaking class which focuses on giving academic presentations in English and is a class I've taught many times now.    I'll also be teaching a basic level Grammar class, a subject I'm REALLY enjoying.  And finally, I'm taking on Writing for my first time!  It's the only discipline in the ESL department that I've yet to teach!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time :) 
My colleagues encourage creativity in every form - from our lesson planning ideas, to fun events, to exciting recipes, to fun outfits.  I couldn't imagine a more positive, fun and embracing environment to work in!

With school starting on Monday, I decided to whip myself up a new school bag!  It was my first time sewing velvet (vintage velvet at that) which was a little more difficult that I had anticipated.  I'm not too concerned with its outcome though as it's just for me!  And with my love for all things green, the colors are divine to me :)
So now I'm all loaded up with books, ideas and support and am ready to get back into the classroom after a month-long break!  

My presence here may be a bit more scarce but I'll be popping in as much as I can!  Lots of exciting things are happening in this neck of the woods so stayed tuned in for updates!  And if you're a Facebook junkie, you can always get the latest and greatest from me there, too :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Passenger, Thirty Legs

A month or so ago on a random Saturday that I had nothing to do (which RARELY happens), I decided last minute on a solo roadtrip to OKC to pick up some chairs that had been long awaiting me.  I went knowing I'd come home with three chairs meant for my pops but wasn't expecting to roll home with SEVEN chairs!?!  Oops!  ;)
The chairs for my pops were three old 50s hospital chairs to finish out his collection.  The remaining four were  random barstools coming out of booth in a shop in OKC that was shutting down.  They were free and, as we all know, I'm a sucker for free and they were pretty cool!  Two of them were tall, backed wooden stools which I have plans for and will share with you in the future and the other two are these guys:
They used to have a back on them but when my friends recovered them, they decided they liked them better without the backs and I agree!  The fabric is vintage and 100% funky awesome that's perfect for us :)  And we have been in the market for barstools!  Although, we're needing them to sit on our back porch where the weather has access to them.  
So what to do?  I ran out to a fabric shop and picked up a yard of some medium thickness clear vinyl to cover the seats so they could last outside!
After lint-rolling the crap out of the tops, I flipped the stools over and laid them on top of the vinyl.  
Then I pulled up a corner and stapled it down, working across from my last staple, if that makes sense.  The key was to pull tight and to try and keep working across from the last staple.  After I'd stapled the vinyl all of the way around, I cut off the excess so the stool could still spin!  And spin it can!  ;)  This took about 10 minutes and was beyond easy to execute!  
This is how you'd cover them with fabric too if you were starting from scratch.  My next order of business is to find something to apply to the metal legs to keep them from rusting...suggestions?
stools = free
vinyl = $4
staples & gun = had on hand
Once we finish the portion of the deck these are meant for, I'll certainly share them in their new homes!  Meanwhile, the squirrels out back have somewhere slippery to sit :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HBD Daddy-O!

Happy Birthday to the man who taught me how to haggle, how to antique like a pro, how to smoke a stogie, how to read a road map and how to dance with all of my heart!  Love you!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Tulsa Fave: The Drillers!

When we first moved into our current house, I was elated to be right by the Driller's Ballpark!  We took full advantage and went to the games often but a year after we moved in, they moved out into a brand new field downtown.  While sad they aren't as close to us as they once were, their new field is uh-mazing and with the downtown skyline as a backdrop, every night at the ballpark feels like a night to remember.
We went last minute with my dear friend Dawn on Friday night after drinks at the Dustbowl which I would venture to say is my FAVE watering hole downtown.
The mister made his rounds and snapped some shots while Dawn and I sat in the stands and gabbed payed close attention to the game.
Can you spot the chatty ladies behind home plate?
And they won!  Although I thought they were behind the entire time because I was watching the hits numbers instead of the runs!  Ha!  On the flipside though, I was amazed how much of the game I understood this time!  I attribute my newfound understanding to playing kickball earlier this year ;)
There were beers drunk, hotdogs eaten and ice cream in helmets slurped down.   

You may recall that I'm not a big fan of tornado season here in Oklahoma so I've had it in my head that soon, I will be purchasing helmets for everyone in our house *just in case*.  I'm always halfway joking about this and halfway serious.  I thought that these little helmets just might be the perfect ones to protect the cats' noggins!  Now the trick is figuring out how to keep them on their heads....
You've got a few more weeks left of games this season and I encourage you to take a night to stroll downtown and see a ball game!  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Naked Ladies!

I thought I'd leave you with a little chuckle for the weekend :)

Every year, we have these random flowers that pop up in our backyard.  We didn't plant them and we've even worked around that area but they just keep coming back.  Well, they're amaryllises (yup, that's one way to make that word plural, as funny as it sounds) and they're just plain happy and fun!
The mister went out and snapped a few photos of them the other night which I showed to my mom a few days later.  She referred to them as 'naked ladies' and then asked if I'd ever heard the story about my dad and the naked ladies.  Loaded question, am I right?  ;)
My dad has some of the most unbelievable and hilarious stories from his childhood and even after 30+ years of hearing them, there's always new ones that pop up...kind of like the amaryllises.

One day my grandpa (who I never got to meet but love hearing stories about) was driving my dad and his two brothers somewhere when one of my uncles who has always been a HUGE flower guy (in more ways than one ;) yelled out 'LOOK AT ALL OF THE NAKED LADIES' which forced my grandpa to slam on the brakes making all of the boys fly all throughout the car!  You can imagine his reaction to seeing all of those 'naked ladies' in a field next to the road.  ;)
Made me laugh and now makes me wonder what type of searches this blog will pop up on!  ;)

Have a great weekend!
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