Friday, August 19, 2011

Naked Ladies!

I thought I'd leave you with a little chuckle for the weekend :)

Every year, we have these random flowers that pop up in our backyard.  We didn't plant them and we've even worked around that area but they just keep coming back.  Well, they're amaryllises (yup, that's one way to make that word plural, as funny as it sounds) and they're just plain happy and fun!
The mister went out and snapped a few photos of them the other night which I showed to my mom a few days later.  She referred to them as 'naked ladies' and then asked if I'd ever heard the story about my dad and the naked ladies.  Loaded question, am I right?  ;)
My dad has some of the most unbelievable and hilarious stories from his childhood and even after 30+ years of hearing them, there's always new ones that pop up...kind of like the amaryllises.

One day my grandpa (who I never got to meet but love hearing stories about) was driving my dad and his two brothers somewhere when one of my uncles who has always been a HUGE flower guy (in more ways than one ;) yelled out 'LOOK AT ALL OF THE NAKED LADIES' which forced my grandpa to slam on the brakes making all of the boys fly all throughout the car!  You can imagine his reaction to seeing all of those 'naked ladies' in a field next to the road.  ;)
Made me laugh and now makes me wonder what type of searches this blog will pop up on!  ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. We were in town today and I saw lovely Naked Ladies along Peoria -uh- of the amaryllis variety of course.

  2. That's so funny! Poor grandad.

    My grandma brought some naked lady bulbs from her yard after we bought our house. It's amazing how FAST they shoot up. I think if you parked yourself in front of one, you could almost see them grow.


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