Monday, August 29, 2011

One of Those Outfits: The First Day of School

Day One of the fall semester is done!  Tomorrow is pretty much the first day as well with a different batch of students but technically the first day is over ;)
Lately I've been mending and altering all sorts of vintage dresses to prepare them for school and this one was no exception!  It originally had loooooong sleeves with elastic bands around the wrists that made it feel a little more dated than I would prefer so I just chopped those things off and did a little hemming!  I'm VERY pleased with it.  I picked it up for $1.25 at the estate sale I hit a few weeks ago and do believe it was handmade by the woman who lived there, much like the skirts I picked up.  Did I mention that this dress ALSO has pockets?  Score! 
I wore my reliable Target pumps I picked up a few years ago which are such a dream to teach in.  I wish I could run around in heels all day like I used to but with as much running around as I do now, it's just not feasible or comfortable.  My feet thank me :)
It's a sheer, lightweight, comfy number that requires an underdress.  I'm hoping to come across some in colors other than black soon.  I strapped on my brown eighties belt (the best quarter I've ever spent!) and one of my beloved coin necklaces and was on my way!  
Once I got to school though and saw the other teachers, I suddenly remembered we were supposed to wear our matching teacher shirts!  Oops!  I wasn't the only one who forgot though so my embarrassment was short lived :)


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