Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One of Those Outfits: The Second First Day

Finished up the second day of classes today and met my remaining students!  It's going to be a busy, but wonderful semester.  I can already tell that I've got a great bunch of eager students and I've got loads of ideas for the rest of the semester!

I did a mental list today and from what I can recall, I've got students from Columbia, Mexico, Laos, China, Vietnam, Togo, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Peru and Turkey just to name a few.  I LOVE being in the middle of all of those cultures!
 Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been super busy in the evenings tending to piles of clothes needing a little TLC.  I took a little time the other night to fix up this blue polyester number that I scored on my trip to visit my sister on the west coast!

I LOVED this one on the hanger but when I put it on, the blue was just too much so I decided to get rid of those sleeves and I'm SO glad I did!
Beyond comfortable and with a little tank on underneath, perfectly modest for the classroom.  I always keep a cardigan on hand for cold moments (which I have often) but didn't have to use until this evening!
 I live right down the street from a Target so you'll notice that there's many odds and ends I pick up from their clearance racks that will show up on the blog.  These boots are no exception.

 I partnered all of this with a cuff bracelet that once belonged to my aunt in the sixties and my beloved silver Zippo flame earrings.
So far so good on sharing outfits from the semester!  Two days in, two days down.  We'll see how the future goes :)

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