Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Passenger, Thirty Legs

A month or so ago on a random Saturday that I had nothing to do (which RARELY happens), I decided last minute on a solo roadtrip to OKC to pick up some chairs that had been long awaiting me.  I went knowing I'd come home with three chairs meant for my pops but wasn't expecting to roll home with SEVEN chairs!?!  Oops!  ;)
The chairs for my pops were three old 50s hospital chairs to finish out his collection.  The remaining four were  random barstools coming out of booth in a shop in OKC that was shutting down.  They were free and, as we all know, I'm a sucker for free and they were pretty cool!  Two of them were tall, backed wooden stools which I have plans for and will share with you in the future and the other two are these guys:
They used to have a back on them but when my friends recovered them, they decided they liked them better without the backs and I agree!  The fabric is vintage and 100% funky awesome that's perfect for us :)  And we have been in the market for barstools!  Although, we're needing them to sit on our back porch where the weather has access to them.  
So what to do?  I ran out to a fabric shop and picked up a yard of some medium thickness clear vinyl to cover the seats so they could last outside!
After lint-rolling the crap out of the tops, I flipped the stools over and laid them on top of the vinyl.  
Then I pulled up a corner and stapled it down, working across from my last staple, if that makes sense.  The key was to pull tight and to try and keep working across from the last staple.  After I'd stapled the vinyl all of the way around, I cut off the excess so the stool could still spin!  And spin it can!  ;)  This took about 10 minutes and was beyond easy to execute!  
This is how you'd cover them with fabric too if you were starting from scratch.  My next order of business is to find something to apply to the metal legs to keep them from rusting...suggestions?
stools = free
vinyl = $4
staples & gun = had on hand
Once we finish the portion of the deck these are meant for, I'll certainly share them in their new homes!  Meanwhile, the squirrels out back have somewhere slippery to sit :)


  1. Love it! What a great idea with the vinyl-ing! Cant wait to see their new homes :) I'd say his Saturday turned out rather nicely for you :)

  2. Does Rustoleum spray paints make a clear coat? That would protect the legs.

  3. I think the shine of the vinyl makes that funky pattern pop even more. This worked out perfectly! I'm the same way about free stuff too, I almost can't STAND not taking things that are free. I'll find just about any excuse to drag things home with me. ;-)

  4. I cannot believe you got those bar stools for free! That's amazing! and I love the fabric you used for them.


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