Friday, August 5, 2011

To Market, To Market

Last Sunday, my mom and I took a day trip to visit Conrad Farms in Bixby, running fun, random errands along the way.

  When I was a young child, my Granny, mom, aunt and myself would journey here to pick up veggies not being grown in their own gardens.  I have spotty memories of this as I was so young (although I remember many trips to Juniper Hills as a child!) but thoroughly enjoyed hearing my mom share stories of going there and to other farms to pick up fresh produce.  She even shared that when SHE was a child, they would visit another farm where a discount would be given if they helped pick in the fields, which they always did.
 This summer heat has taken a toll on some of our plants so our yield has been small lately but my desire to eat fresh veggies has been HUGE thus, a trip for some true-blue fresh grub was necessary :)
I encourage you this weekend to support your local farmers and fresh produce stores!  Bixby is home to several good ones that won't leave you empty handed and there is always the ever-exciting Cherry Street Farmers Market

Bon Appetite!

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  1. Oh I must go here! Love the photos. It makes me want to go eat veggies.


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