Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Tulsa Fave: The Drillers!

When we first moved into our current house, I was elated to be right by the Driller's Ballpark!  We took full advantage and went to the games often but a year after we moved in, they moved out into a brand new field downtown.  While sad they aren't as close to us as they once were, their new field is uh-mazing and with the downtown skyline as a backdrop, every night at the ballpark feels like a night to remember.
We went last minute with my dear friend Dawn on Friday night after drinks at the Dustbowl which I would venture to say is my FAVE watering hole downtown.
The mister made his rounds and snapped some shots while Dawn and I sat in the stands and gabbed payed close attention to the game.
Can you spot the chatty ladies behind home plate?
And they won!  Although I thought they were behind the entire time because I was watching the hits numbers instead of the runs!  Ha!  On the flipside though, I was amazed how much of the game I understood this time!  I attribute my newfound understanding to playing kickball earlier this year ;)
There were beers drunk, hotdogs eaten and ice cream in helmets slurped down.   

You may recall that I'm not a big fan of tornado season here in Oklahoma so I've had it in my head that soon, I will be purchasing helmets for everyone in our house *just in case*.  I'm always halfway joking about this and halfway serious.  I thought that these little helmets just might be the perfect ones to protect the cats' noggins!  Now the trick is figuring out how to keep them on their heads....
You've got a few more weeks left of games this season and I encourage you to take a night to stroll downtown and see a ball game!  


  1. This looks like such fun, I'm definitely going to check out my local team!

  2. Hey! I know those two girls! So that explains your lack of kickball prowess! At least you own it! I own it too and that's why I will never sign up for kickball again

    Oh, and you forgot to talk about the part of baseball with the insane heat and how difficult it is to sit and swelter while trying to watch men do manly stuff and pretend you're not just there for the beer and ice cream.


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