Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Warm & Fuzzy

Last weekend I had grand plans to take advantage of limited obligations and catch up on doing things around the around house and to SEW!  The weekend had other plans though.  Immediately after finishing cooking dinner Saturday night, a CRAZY intense storm moved through our part of town and immediately knocked out our power along with a few other tens of thousands of Tulsans in the area.  While we've certainly been needing the rain, this storm brought about lots of damage for lots of folks and some pretty toasty conditions for those without power.  The storm even took out a music festival!
Saturday night we spent most of the night sitting on the porch watching power crews scoot this way and that.  Sleeping wasn't horrible, just a little stagnant at times.  Sunday, though, temperatures began to creep back up after the storm and the homestead started to get pretty warm.  Our thermostat read as high as it could go.  We were well into the high nineties once the power was restored, THIRTY hours after going out.  
My main concerns were the abundant amount of food stuck in the fridge (which a portable generator helped keep cool towards the end) and some vintage fabric that was locked in our washer just sitting in soapy water!  We were finally able to rescue it and let it breathe!  
While the beast did some panting, the cats LOVED it.  I believe they think we keep the house too cold anyway so they were probably grateful for the outage and some warmth ;)
Another cluster of storms moved through our area last night and were loud, intense and unfortunately, damaging for some.  But the rain has been priceless and to have temperatures below 100 for a few days, well, it's a wonderful gift.

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