Friday, August 26, 2011

Workspace Snapshot: Back to School!

I think it's pretty well-known that I'm a lady that likes to stay busy with various jobs.  One of my jobs that I don't really talk about too much on here is my teaching job which is really my favorite job!  I don't post much on here about it because I prefer to keep my students' lives private and keep this more of a crafty/life blog but today, I thought I'd share a few quick snapshots of my teaching work environment!  
I've been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for almost five years now at our local community college and can't imagine not having that outlet!  I LOVE my colleagues more than I could even express in words and I LOVE working with adults from ALL over the world.  One misconception of my job is that I teach English to Spanish speakers only when in reality, Spanish speakers are only a small portion of my students!  In any given semester, it's likely that I'll have students from 10-15 different countries, all speaking different languages!  I teach solely in English to various levels of speakers.  This semester I'll be taking on a high level Speaking class which focuses on giving academic presentations in English and is a class I've taught many times now.    I'll also be teaching a basic level Grammar class, a subject I'm REALLY enjoying.  And finally, I'm taking on Writing for my first time!  It's the only discipline in the ESL department that I've yet to teach!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time :) 
My colleagues encourage creativity in every form - from our lesson planning ideas, to fun events, to exciting recipes, to fun outfits.  I couldn't imagine a more positive, fun and embracing environment to work in!

With school starting on Monday, I decided to whip myself up a new school bag!  It was my first time sewing velvet (vintage velvet at that) which was a little more difficult that I had anticipated.  I'm not too concerned with its outcome though as it's just for me!  And with my love for all things green, the colors are divine to me :)
So now I'm all loaded up with books, ideas and support and am ready to get back into the classroom after a month-long break!  

My presence here may be a bit more scarce but I'll be popping in as much as I can!  Lots of exciting things are happening in this neck of the woods so stayed tuned in for updates!  And if you're a Facebook junkie, you can always get the latest and greatest from me there, too :)

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