Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Week Five

We're going to work our way backwards through Week 5 simply because I was so sick at the beginning of this week I didn't put much effort into anything except making it to class, staying awake long enough to teach and then crawling back into bed.

Today I wore this.
 Oh, details?  Well, the skirt I stole from my sister's closet years ago so I'm not sure where it came from.  (BTW, my sister's first video launched yesterday and you should give it a listen!  You won't be disappointed.)  I also wore some Moroccan style sandals I think I scored from Payless many years ago as well.  The see-through t-shirt came from a clearance rack from Gap or Banana Republic and was made not-so-sheer with a little tank underneath.  The necklace was made by me last night and will be up for grabs at the show this weekend!
 Yesterday my outfit was confused.  Much like the weather.  Half of it was hot and half of it was chilly.  I wore a skirt from the Harold's closeout sale last year, a yellow turtleneck (yes, I break rules and wear turtlenecks from time to time ;) with a white tank underneath, a Banana Republic clearance rack racer-back zip-up sweater that I LOVE and those same ol black sandals.  
 Oh and this necklace that I'm going to have a hard time parting with!  I made this earlier this week and did the entire thing with seed beads.  If you know anything about those things, you probably know how tiny and frustrating they are to work with!  Once I finished, I didn't like it.  I stared at it a while and decided to come back to it the next night.  Twenty-four hours later, I ripped it apart and made it again with chain and am enamored with it!  It will also be ripe for the pickin' this weekend!
 We usually take these photos right when we get home from work which is why the beast is typically in many of these shots - he's always so excited we're home!  I'd say this is how I spend 50% of my time at home...picking at the animals and making sure they're in tip-top shape!
 Now on to the deathbed days.  Yes we took pictures.  Super quick and to the point.  
 Tuesday I wore a classic black Gap dress, cami and comfy sweater throw from Forever 21?  Or one of those stores like that :)  I also wore a Verde Squared necklace which are all now spoken for.  I finished it off with my beloved snake skin boots bought at a southwestern thrift store in Santa Fe nearly 12 years ago.  In regards to the squares on my legs?  They're not tights!  I'm thinking the camera caught my cold and sneezed while it took this photo ;)
 Monday, the sickest day of them all, I wore a handmade tunic that was a gift from Nepal, some capris from Gap I've had for way too long and the trusty brown flats.  Aside from the shoes, I'm sure I've worn this outfit close to 100 times over the past ten years.  It's a no-fail, comfy and easy...perfect for a sick day :)
Doing these posts in bunches is proving to be much easier than daily posts for me!  Hope you don't mind :)  

(And don't forget to APPLY TO ALLIDAY TODAY!  Applications are due MONDAY!!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Classes, Shows & More!

Man, did I ever get sick!  But it was a whirlwind sickness!  Two days down and today I'm back, almost to full capacity :)  Since I lost a few days of productivity, I feel it's my duty to update the world with all sorts of news!  Here you go!

First and foremost - ALLIDAY APPLICATIONS ARE DUE MONDAY!!!  This show is my baby (although it's now in its second year so it's in its toddler years ;) and I'd LOVE to have you be a part of it!  Applications can be found here!  Please feel free to spread the word :)

Next up, this weekend is the 5th annual Indie Emporium!  This will be my 4th year as a vendor there and is such a fun event to be involved with.  I sometimes look at it like a crafty family reunion :)  The show begins Friday night and goes all the way into Saturday, ending with a fashion show!
In other exciting news, Indie Emporium and Alliday have teamed up yet again to bring you another FREE class teaching you everything you'd want to know about successfully applying and preparing for craft shows!  This class will be held THIS Sunday at 3pm at Lot 6 in Tulsa!  You must be 21 to attend this class since it's in a bar and all ;)  I know many of you outside of Tulsa have asked if we'll be offering this class online and WE WILL SOON!  This will probably be your last opportunity to grab this class for free so don't miss out! And by the end of class, you can take everything you've learned and apply to Alliday!  ;)
And finally, I wrote up a little post for make:Tulsa all about everything I've covered here today!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Snippets

Another year, another birthday :)

It was a great, leisurely day that I'd love to repeat again and again.  Since I can't, I'll just relive it all here with you through a few photos :)
 Friday was spent working part of the day, perusing some fruitful estate sales and hanging out at the bead shop!  Friday night was spent on the deck of the new Blue Rose Cafe watching the sun go down across the river. Perfection.
 Saturday brought about more allergies than I've yet experienced this year but I carried on with my raspy voice and worked most of the day outside while the mister made new flowerbeds :)  
 Did a little staining but not until after mixing up the two stains that we have!  Oops.
 I was impressed that the 'new' fuzzy brought SIX of her mice to the bowl.  The current record was three :)
 Made significant headway on a large wedding order for a friend!
 We finished out the night bowling with more friends!  
 By this point, my slightly raspy voice had turned into an old man's voice with a cough but bowl on we did!
 And of course I had to dress in my finest bowling attire :)
Today I'm fighting full on terrible allergies.  Never fails, with my birthday landing right when the seasons change, I always get sinus sick.  Except for my fourteenth birthday when my sister gave me chicken pox...

So thanks to you all for the well-wishes and greetings!  I greatly appreciate it.  And you :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

One of Those Outfits: The Rest of the Week!

Don't worry, I didn't throw the teaching outfit documentation out the window I've just been running in circles!  So here you go, the rest of week four :)
 On Tuesday I wore a tunic I picked up at JC Pennys while I was supposed to be shopping for something fancy but I couldn't pass this one up!  I think I picked it up off clearance for $10?
 It's easy to throw on and run out the door!  I added a thrifted silver necklace, Target leggings and some boots and was off!
 Wednesday found me in this frock, bought during the great LA hunt.
 SO comfy, modest and another easy one to throw on and go!
 Have you noticed a theme yet?  My obsessions with cheap, unique clothes that are comfortable?  Yeah, me either ;)
 Yesterday I took it back to the seventies!  I wore a church garage sale $1 polyester shirt that I LOVE, some pants from Harold's going out of business sale for $5 (that's a STEAL compared to what their prices once were), my beloved Jordache velvety jacket and a necklace I finished the night before!
 I sometimes find that when I make a necklace I really like, I build an outfit around it to wear the next day :)
 This necklace has 'Sagittarius' carved on the back and is slightly awesome, in case you were wondering.  And if you'd like to see it better, it'll be at Indie Emporium next weekend!
 As for this weekend, well, I'm preparing to turn another 30-something year and plan on celebrating with friends and no work!  
Have a great one!

The Epic Renegade Trip

Ok, ok.  You've waited patiently long enough.  It looks like it's time to share the epic trip to Chicago for the epic Renegade!

About two weeks before the show, my dear friend Nikki hinted around that I should go along to help her at her Gleeful Peacock booth.  I kept saying that I couldn't pull it off since I had just begun the semester but with her persuasive powers and my growing desire to join her, it was soon discovered that I could make it happen!  I only had to find a sub for one class and take two days off of work!

We loaded up early Friday morning and after a delayed start, began our trek!  We used a handy GPS but I always fight those so I brought along a road map which did help from time to time (and kept my nervous eyes off of the road ;)

For our twenty-hour trip, I'd say we listened to music for maybe one hour and talked, talked, talked the rest of the trip :)  Road trip conversations are the best.
Nikki did the driving (because she's not a ninety-year old grandma trapped in a thirty-something's body) and thank goodness she did!  If I had been driving then we would have stopped for the night about halfway into the trip due to the rain!  (although I did parallel park the car once!)  But I will say that weaving through these storms while the sun was starting to set made for some beautiful scenery.  (and for the record, Nikki is a great driver :)
We made it into town late Friday night and promptly crashed at our hotel.  Saturday began bright and shining early and led us to our first adventure:  finding a parking space for an entire day.  Oh, and finding where Renegade was being held!

(side note:  Chicago is the first place I ever flew to when I was 12 years old...for an antique cigarette lighter convention.  One of these days I'm going to share more about that side of my past :)
So, back to the show :)

Renegade Chicago runs for two days, eight hours each day and hosts 300 handmade vendors from around the country.  I cannot even express the amount of amazing things there were to buy (I shopped my tail off!) or the amount of shoppers that came to buy!  If you were to leave the booth for whatever reason, it would take 30-45 minutes to return due to weaving through the crowds!  Shoppers would wait in lines to get into full booths and I would say that one of the most popular ones was Gleeful Peacock!
We were constantly checking people out, bagging up purchases and restocking!  Creating, setting up and selling your art is no work for the lazy, that's for sure!  
Here's a view from our 'checkout' corner.  Trying to leave the booth was close to impossible most of the time!
I was stoked to find out Felix & Jayne would be set up too!  Formerly from Oklahoma, Christie makes some KILLER bags that I am slightly obsessed with.  I may have bought myself a little handbag this trip ;)
The energy at the show was insane.  In a good way.  Pop up shops lined the sides of the festival street and included vintage clothing, yard sales, outdoor salons and a record shop spinning ALL kinds of music throughout the weekend!  The people watching was superb too :)
Not only did I get to meet some folks that I only know online but I also got to hang out with a wonderfully creative, beautiful and amazing old friend from high school!  TWO days in a row!  She makes me happy :)
We failed miserably on Saturday to get some outfit shots due to the one-track-minds of getting the booth up and running but Sunday morning brought about a more leisurely pace and we were able to stop and document our top-notch fashion sense ;)  

I don't know the details of Nikki's outfit but I DO know that she looked ridiculously cute!
Remember this skirt I fashioned out of a vintage dress?  Well, I rocked it as a dress this time around!  I stuck a pretty brown vintage slip on underneath which would stick out when I would sit down, threw on some black Target sandals, strapped on a black belt and finished it off with one of my vintage coin necklaces! Oh, and my top knot.  Since I have long, straight, flat hair, I've found that if I let it dry for a while in a bun on the top of my head that it'll have a little more umphf throughout the day once I let it down! 
After packing up Sunday night, we went ahead and began our long trek back to Tulsa.  We drove until 1 in the morning, experienced the most hilarious bout of delirious exhaustion and finally slept our hearts out.  

There were SO many wonderful moments (and souvenirs!) that I will look back on fondly from this trip but mainly, I'll remember how exciting, inspiring and rejuvenating this last minute jaunt was and how a great friendship grew even more :)  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orzo Salad

I've had many (many, many, many) requests over the past few years for this simple recipe so I finally made a point to photograph it the last time I made it!  I can't take the credit for it though as I was taught to make it by my friend April who found it in a newlywed cookbook she was gifted at her wedding!

I bring this to any gathering where lots of folks will be eating - international lunches, family get-togethers, housewarming parties (where this one went to!), holiday functions...the list goes on!  It's affordable, healthy and feeds an army so in my book, it's a keeper!
You'll need:
1 package of orzo (which is a rice-like pasta)
1 green pepper 
1 red onion
1 container of crumbled feta cheese (whatever size you want- I like lots so I buy the bigger tub :)
fresh basil
pine nuts (if you can find them!  I looked at two stores and couldn't locate any this time)
1 can chopped olives (I always go with a small can as a little goes a loooooong way)
Golden raisins (optional and not in this batch)

And for the sauce, you'll need:
olive oil
lemon juice
First, boil some water and get that orzo a-cooking!  I cook mine for 8-10 minutes.  You want it just barely done.

While the orzo is cooking, get to chopping!  Dice that pepper, onion and basil and dump them in a bowl together.  I use the entire onion and bell pepper but feel free to just use half if you're not as big of a fan of them.  The smaller the pieces, the better.  Add in the feta and black olives and mix everything together.

If you were able to find pine nuts (be aware that they're a little pricey but soooooo good), go ahead and toast them in a small skillet.  You want them to get golden brown.  After toasting them, mix into this mixture.
In another medium-sized bowl, prepare your sauce.  In the last picture here, you'll see my actual recipe card with the measurements I was given...I rarely use them though :)  I do use about a cup of olive oil but everything else I just throw in until the smells are just right :)  You'll mix together the oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, oregano and garlic here.  Then take a big whiff :)
By this point, your orzo should be done cooking.  DO NOT RINSE THE ORZO.  You want it to still be warm when you mix it with the sauce so it will absorb it.  Mix the two together and let them sit for a while to cool off.  I was in a super hurry to get this made and out the door so I didn't let it cool as long as I should have.  Didn't make too much of a difference in my opinion though :)
After letting the orzo cool (or not), mix your two bowls together!  I used the fanciest bowl I own to display this to you!  Ok, that's a blatant lie obviously.  I threw it all in a giant tupperware bowl and off to the party I went!  I LOVE eating it when the orzo is still warm but some people like it better after it has sat in the fridge for a day.  You can add all sorts of things to jazz it up if you like.  In fact, the original recipe calls for golden raisins which I will add from time to time.  
And like I mentioned above, here's the recipe card if you'd like exact measurements like a normal person would ;)
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