Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Multifunctional Refashion Part 2

So I'm going to do it.  I'm going to unofficially commit to sharing with you my outfits I wear on the days I teach this fall.  I know, so exciting.  Yeah, sure ;)  You'll be getting at least four outfits a week unless we have a wonky week or I'm out of the classroom (next Monday I've got a BIG trip lined up so I'll be MIA-details to come soon :).  Some may be pretty cool and some just might be a 'what articles of clothing are closest to me' outfit.  Regardless, I'm going to make a grand effort to share these with you!

Remember last Thursday's outfit where I chopped off the bottom of an 80s dress to make a skirt/dress?  Well, I figured out what to do with the top part of the dress over the holiday weekend!
 I simply cut the bottom of an old GAP sweater off that I never wore due to it being a widdle tighter in the bust area than I am comfortable with nowadays and sewed the two together!  When I cut the top of the dress off initially, I did it just below the bust line which was handy in reconstructing it to fit well.  I did have to take in the top portion just a smidge to match the top of the sweater I was connecting but that was a breeze.
 I was never a fan of the boxy neckline so I removed those buttons, folded things down until they looked right and sewed a seam across the neck.  As you can see from the picture below, I need to tack down the back portion of the collar but other than that, I'm thrilled with it!  I wore a little tank underneath today but outside of the classroom, I'll probably just go with a strapless number underneath.  You can also see below where the sweater top ends and the pants begin.  I think the pants were a Ross score a bajillion years ago.
 I was really pleased with this look and think it's sort of an optical illusion type outfit!  The way the lines and the black sweater work with the bustline really aids in a more curvy look :)

Oh, and I shortened the sleeves just a bit, as well.  The lines helped tons in keeping my hem straight :)  The elastic on the original sleeves was in terrible shape and lately I haven't been liking the look of elastic banded sleeves so this was an easy decision.  And an effective one in my opinion!
Again I paired with that garage sale belt and my sensible brown flats.  I also threw on a copper bracelet I think I picked up at the Flea Market a while back and some 80s earrings that remind me of my mom.  Now to figure out what to wear tomorrow....

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