Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Becoming Zoltar

I think it's safe to say that most people around my age remember when they first saw the movie Big.  Remember the moment when mini Tom Hanks wishes he were big to Zoltar, the eerie coin-op fortune teller?    
 Well, yesterday just six hours before we were set to attend a Halloween party, I decided to become Zoltar without spending a dime.  Seems that when it comes to Halloween costumes, I work best under pressure!
 We luckily had a gigantic box in the garage that I spray painted after cutting a window out.  I wish I had consulted my reference photo before cutting though so I could have done the correct shape!  Oops!  You can't see that the top of my machine says "Zoltar Speaks", just like the one in the movie :)  And I used battery powered Christmas lights from a wreath to illuminate the inside.

My tunic was one I had made while in India, the turban was a scarf I bought in Hungary, the shawl was the bottom of a broomskirt, the high collar was made out of a hanger and some fabric scraps, medallion was from my personal collection, and facial hair was al natural.  ;)
 And yes, I came full of fortunes as well.  
 It was a RIOT watching people make their wish and receive their fortunes!  I came up with about fifty funny responses, typed them up and put them in a baggie to randomly give to those wanting fortunes.
 I cut out a little slot for a small box to fit through and taped it in securely.  This allowed me to feed fortunes to my adoring, fortune-hungry fans!
 In addition to the small box, I taped three little baggies on the inside to hold the battery pack for the lights, new fortunes and reused fortunes.  The one thing I was missing in there?  A drink holder.
 Eventually Zoltar was set free from his machine and let his hair turban down.
 And the mister?  He was an adorable bird watcher wearing one of my (favorite) old man sweaters and hats.  
 We had matching 5 o'clock shadows!  ;)
There were some HILARIOUS costumes at this party.  I LOVE seeing what people come up with!  Tell me, what did YOU dress up as?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Four of Those Outfits: Estate Sales & Made by Moi

I just recently realized that my titles to these posts lead you to believe that there's only one outfit per post but during the semester, there's actually FOUR per post, hence the title change :)  Fascinating, I know.
 The seasons are really starting to change here (today especially!) so I've been playing around in the sweater section of my closet lately.  Speaking of closets, any interest in seeing a bit of mine?
 This crazily comfortable sweater?  Well, I made it last year!  No pattern, just a lot of lip biting, finger crossing and teeth grinding but somehow, it worked!  If it's large and shapeless, I can make it ;)

Finished it off with my mom's old owl necklace, Harold's clearance pants (which desperately need a good ironing but will never receive one), and Target booties.
 Things got a little brighter on Tuesday with this number.
 I picked this dress up at Goodwill last year, chopped off the neck and sleeves and made a strapless dress, also famously worn here.  I put a little tank on under for a little modesty in the classroom, threw on a sweater I've had since high school and accessorized with an estate sale necklace, estate sale belt (which has a little blue line running through the middle) and a scarf I made from the scraps of this project.
 Wednesday brought about another refashion!  A simple one at that.
 This dress was about 4 sizes too large on me with sleeves down to my knees.  I chose not to take it in but just to shorten the sleeves which I'm noticing is becoming my refashioning schtick!  I grabbed this one at an estate sale for $3.  I almost turned around and left this sale upon walking in the door but am glad that I stayed!
 Hooker boots, Gap tights (or as one of my students likes to call them, 'sexy socks'), Target belt, coconut shell earrings I bought in Switzerland a few years back and a Wild Blue jacket/shirt handed down to me from my sis finished off the ensemble.
 I often get great enjoyment out of having the mister or my folks guess how much I paid for an entire outfit.  It's the proud bargain hunter in me, I guess!  So guess how much this outfit was?  Oh, minus the undergarments, that is.
 $1.50!  $1.50!  $1.50!

I grabbed the fairly new Gap dress at a garage sale in my hood last weekend for a $1, the belt at another estate sale for $.50, necklace handed down from my mom and was given the most incredible boots ever!  I later finished off the outfit with a KILLER hat I picked up at an estate sale yesterday.  Yes, I have a problem...or two.
Only a few more weeks left in the semester which means only a few more outfits to go!  Hopefully I can piece together some good ones for you! 

Until later!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Workspace Snapshot: The Wall

Since I have a month and a half off from shows, I've been taking advantage of cleaning and organizing my workspace and house.  Sometimes for me, getting things in order breaks down creative blocks and I want to make like I've never made before!  Last Friday night I stayed up much later than normal and worked on revamping the wall where I work.  

Behold, my control center.
 Before, those little corkboards were placed in a haphazard manner and the little wooden shelf was placed at a dangerous height.  There used to be six of those gelatin cups but I knocked three of them off with my elbow at various points in time.  It was time to do some rearranging.
 But before I give you a closer look of the new wall, let me introduce you to my best friend.  I bought this chair almost ten years ago for around ten bucks from a vintage shop here in town.  It was always just a random chair in my apartment until I finally set up my first real creative workspace.  Since then, it's always been my creating seat.  The pillow (I'm a little old lady with a flat bum so I require some cushioning ;) came from a lifelong friend who was on her way to throwing it out.  The cats fancy it almost as much as I do.
This chair used to only swivel around a small bit but now I've somehow conditioned it to almost do a 360!  I'm sure that means that one of these days in the near future I will find myself on the floor after it decides to finally break ;)

 And apparently, my left elbow has a little resting spot when I'm doing hard thinking.  Gives it character. 
 Looking a little closer at the wall you'll see this tiny wooden shelf which hung in my Granny and Papa's house for at least 50 years.  It was once an active spice rack but in later years just collected dust so I snagged it.  Here it's home to the aforementioned gelatin cups from a woman, who was like a second mother to me, which are filled with various beads, push pins and my eye glass cleaning cloth.  All of those smiling faces are from various walks of life.  All make me smile and all inspire me.
 The right side of the boards have various things I've clipped out of magazines that make me smile, a photo of myself as a nerdy child, a polaroid of myself and the mister, some loomwork I did as a child, safety pin chain and random small goodies I've picked up along my way.
 The left side is much of the same.  A family photo that makes me smile from ear to ear, baggies of projects to be completed for friends and family, and the cutest little magazine clipping of kittens looking like my first two fuzzbuckets!  The center square is nothing more than to-do lists and the like.
 The area above the shelf and boards showcases a painting picked up at a 5x5 sale a few years ago, a fuzzy (!) screenprinted piece of wood from ArtSlave and a beautiful piece of poetry featuring my sister Afton's name.  One of these days I plan to make her something with that :)
And the real crowning glory?  I strategically placed everything to where you can't see any of the ginormous holes I've made in that wall!  Eventually we will be repainting that room so until then, the holes just keep on coming.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Weekending

I've had a fantastically wonderful weekend and it's not even over yet!  
 Yesterday, I got up bright and early to go support some of my lovely creative friends at B.A.zaar which was right down the street from my Papa's house on Main Street in Broken Arrow.  I packed the beast up (My Papa and him are BFFs :) and off we went!  We spent a good while gabbing, shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Favorite score of the show?  My first scent from Plume, an all natural perfume shop.  Already super obsessed with it!
 I wore a vintage shirt that I have had forever and that I've always loved.  Over the years it's developed some holes here and there.  I'm worried it will have to be pulled out of rotation soon :(  Jeggings went on as well, topped off by some killer accessories, if I do say so myself!
 These boots once belonged to my dear friend's mother back in the seventies.  When my friend inherited them, they were too small for her feet so lucky, lucky, lucky me ended up with them and I LOVE them.  They are SUPER slick on the bottom though.  I bought some stick on traction helpers but they are almost worn off after one day so I think I'm going to have to get them professionally fixed up.  In fact, I've decided to take in a few pairs of my priceless shoes to have worked over :)  Any cobblers in Tulsa that you would recommend?

I finished off the ensemble with one of my favorite necklaces from Green Couch Design.  They make amazing jewelry and have some charming print work!  Plus, they are pretty awesome people :)
 After spending time with my Papa, the mister and I headed down to the Spotlight Theater for The Drunkard with many of my students!  One of my teaching colleagues is currently in the show, which is THE longest running play in the U.S., and I had never been before so we had to go!  

The theater is also something to be admired.  It's a perfect example of some of the many the amazing Art Deco buildings in Tulsa!  It needs a bit of TLC on the inside but tell me it's not striking on the outside. 
 I completely misgauged the timing and we ended up arriving an hour and a half early for the show.  Since we snagged the best parking spot in the house, we decided to wait it out and enjoy some time on the river :) 

Apparently this couple had some time to kill to.  How adorable are they?!?  They melted my widdle heart.
 We finally found a bench and took in the most amazing sunset while some thunderstorms rolled in.  It was slightly magical. :)
We didn't have time to stay for the entire show but were certainly entertained by what we saw!  I plan to go back soon to finish the show with my pops.  If you're looking for something to add to your Tulsa bucket list, make sure that seeing The Drunkard is on it!

What did YOU do this weekend?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuzzy Friday

It's been a while since I did a little Fuzzy Friday post so we thought we'd start your weekend off right :) 
 The fuzzbuckets hope you take some time to lounge around,...
 enjoy the fresh, crisp air...
and roll around in the grass :)

Have a great weekend!

One of Those Outfits: Denmark, Uganda & New Eyes

Still busy and still blind.  Ok, not really blind but obviously I need a little help in the eye department so I don't run into things and so I can see if my students are awake or asleep.  I have a go-to pair of spectacles that I'm most often seen in but I have a few other pairs that I pulled out this week to snazz my eyes up a bit.
Monday found me in a Target clearance rack flowy top, old but classic Banana Republic skirt, Target booties, Cynthia Rowley eyeglasses via Coastal Contacts and my newest (Danish) coin necklace!
  Things got a little chillier on Tuesday so I started digging around in my sweaters and put this together!  It was after this shoot that I started wondering when my hair got officially long again!?
 Sweater from Anthropologie last winter, pants from Banana Republic clearance rack many, many moons ago...
 ...and a cherished necklace gifted to me from Uganda.  Oh, and my ol' regular specs from Yous, a Danish maker of eyeglasses :)
 Wednesday's outfit seemed to garner a bit of positive attention, much to my surprise!  I had a random woman comment on how she wishes she could put together creative outfits which got me to thinking (a dangerous thing!).
 The night before I had begun organizing my massive scarf collection (you know, since it suddenly turned cold the day before ;) and came across this one that I hadn't worn in a while so I started playing with possible things I could wear with it and came up with this!  Easy peasy!  I use this process OFTEN.
 I wore an old shirt from Urban Outfitters, skirt from Gap a few years ago, estate sale scarf, Anthro sweater, Gap tights, Target booties and turquoise earrings bought in Santa Fe in college.
 Yesterday's outfit was simple and easy.  The shirt was once a looooooooooooong dress with looooooooooooong sleeves that I scored for FREE at an estate sale!  I made a skirt and tank out of the bottom and for the top, shortened the sleeves and hemmed the bottom.  It was one of my first and easiest refashions.  I finished it off with some old Express slacks from my college days, blue vintage cowboy boots and a handmade necklace benefitting a town in Uganda and made by one of the most amazing 12 year olds I've ever met.  And my green glasses that I wore for MANY years.  
 This was a very blue and green week.  I suppose it's my way of fighting the incoming fall weather; wearing the colors of life while leaves fall to the ground.
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