Sunday, October 30, 2011

Becoming Zoltar

I think it's safe to say that most people around my age remember when they first saw the movie Big.  Remember the moment when mini Tom Hanks wishes he were big to Zoltar, the eerie coin-op fortune teller?    
 Well, yesterday just six hours before we were set to attend a Halloween party, I decided to become Zoltar without spending a dime.  Seems that when it comes to Halloween costumes, I work best under pressure!
 We luckily had a gigantic box in the garage that I spray painted after cutting a window out.  I wish I had consulted my reference photo before cutting though so I could have done the correct shape!  Oops!  You can't see that the top of my machine says "Zoltar Speaks", just like the one in the movie :)  And I used battery powered Christmas lights from a wreath to illuminate the inside.

My tunic was one I had made while in India, the turban was a scarf I bought in Hungary, the shawl was the bottom of a broomskirt, the high collar was made out of a hanger and some fabric scraps, medallion was from my personal collection, and facial hair was al natural.  ;)
 And yes, I came full of fortunes as well.  
 It was a RIOT watching people make their wish and receive their fortunes!  I came up with about fifty funny responses, typed them up and put them in a baggie to randomly give to those wanting fortunes.
 I cut out a little slot for a small box to fit through and taped it in securely.  This allowed me to feed fortunes to my adoring, fortune-hungry fans!
 In addition to the small box, I taped three little baggies on the inside to hold the battery pack for the lights, new fortunes and reused fortunes.  The one thing I was missing in there?  A drink holder.
 Eventually Zoltar was set free from his machine and let his hair turban down.
 And the mister?  He was an adorable bird watcher wearing one of my (favorite) old man sweaters and hats.  
 We had matching 5 o'clock shadows!  ;)
There were some HILARIOUS costumes at this party.  I LOVE seeing what people come up with!  Tell me, what did YOU dress up as?


  1. Awesome costume! How incredibly creative!

  2. i love it! that costume is pretty amazing.

  3. Great Work, Beautiful job!

    looks like lots of fun.

  4. wow I am impressed!! the resemblance is almost creepy! I hadn't realized how many awesome places you'd been too and you even thought of making fortunes, totally award winning... well if i had an award i would give you one!


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