Thursday, October 13, 2011

Haunting Halloweens

I LOVE Halloween.  Always have, always will.  You'll never find me in a store buying pre-packaged risque costumes (although once in college I did rent a lion tamer get up) but rather, you'll find me thinking about the holiday weeks in advance figuring out what to make.  My mind is already whirring with ideas for this upcoming Halloween but before I share what my costume will be, I thought it would be fun to share with you some from my (fairly) recent past!

I've talked before about how I'm slightly obsessed with bananas and that I'm often even called Banana so last year, I decided to make my own banana costume!  The mister finished up the ensemble by dressing up as a gorilla :)
Two years ago, you would have found me dressed up as a tea bag!  That costume was SO much fun to wear...especially as the night wore on.  I even filled the bag up with leaves!  And yes, those are tea bag earrings you are looking at.  My dad borrowed and wore this costume last year to a party with a different demographic durning a different political time which garnered a different reaction.  He left the earrings at home though ;)
For my first Halloween costume contest as school four years ago, I went straight back to my roots.  Er, my perceived roots.  I was an Okie!
Moving even further back in time, I also dressed up as Santa for Halloween!  It was last minute costume and was HILARIOUS.  I actually carried around a bell as well much like the ringers outside of the stores during the holiday season.  I've often thought about bringing back more characters from other holidays for Halloween costumes :) 
Just a little further back in time, I went as an incarcerated Martha Stewart!  Yup, you guessed it, she was in jail at the time and I needed a costume that would work with short hair!  I found her inmate number, stenciled it on a tank (Martha would be so proud ;), threw on my grandpa's old coveralls, a pearl necklace and some handcuffs!
I'm hoping to inspire you to be creative this Halloween!  Don't go straight to the store to buy an over-priced costume but instead, think outside of the box and be something original!  And above all, have fun with it!

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  1. Loving all your costumes! Ah, my crafty friend you are adorable :) I plan on dressing up this year, but haven't dressed up in a few years so it'll be even more special! Can't wait! :) Also can't wait to see your recap from this year :)


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