Thursday, October 6, 2011

One of Those Outfits: International Fashion Show!

There are countless things about my teaching job that I absolutely love and cherish.  Not only do I get to travel vicariously through my students, meet unforgettable people, eat unbelievable foods and teach a subject I adore but once a semester, I get to bask in clothing from ALL over the world!  

Today was our International Fashion show which helps to raise money for United Way.  All of our students (and the instructors) dress in outfits from around the globe and then are introduced while modeling to an awe-filled crowd.  I was bound and determined to take many, many photos but due to a minor snafu, I was only able to grab photos from before and after the event so there are many jaw-dropping outfits that I missed catching!  There were many cameras snapping around though so I should be able to snag some of their photos later ;)

Represented here from right to left are Togo, China, Bavaria and Vietnam.
 Again, Bavaria and an African country that currently alludes me!  Shame on me!
 One of my beloved colleagues and her adorable daughter in Indian-wear.
 If I remember correctly, this stunner was from Thailand.  
 Myself, representing India, and Togo again.
 Two more of my amazing colleagues representing China and Bangladesh.
 I believe these were Vietnamese outfits.  Regardless of their origin, aren't they beautiful!?
 I think it's safe to say these two ladies are my work besties :)  We all started together almost five years ago and have grown and learned together!  It's always a joy to interact with them and an honor to know them :)
 Remember the representative from Togo?  Well she also imports clothes and sells them around town!  The yellow on the floor had my name alllllllll over it.  
 And now a few more specifics about my outfit :)  

As I mentioned before, this outfit is from India and is known as a salwar kamis (hopefully I'm spelling that correctly!).  I actually started out the morning in a different salwar that I had had made while traveling in India some years ago.  While trying to find a different pair of pants for the ensemble (the top is called a salwar, the pants are the kamis and the scarf is a dubada - I have no doubt I'm spelling that wrong but I can say it really well! ;), I came across this outfit that I had forgotten I had bought at an estate sale in Midtown Tulsa this spring!  I'd never worn it before so I was elated to break it in!
 This outfit is incredibly well made and, in fact, it's the only set I have that the pants and top are the same fabric!  I have a feeling it was bought for a very fancy Indian event, worn once and put back in the closet.  
 While traveling in India, I remember being amazed by how colorful and flowy all of the clothes were.  It didn't matter the caste nor location, the fabrics were all stunning.  Seeing saris hanging out windows to dry caught my attention daily as did the festive nature of the people.  The clothing seemed to represent the spirit of the people perfectly.  Once I finally acquired my own Indian garb, I felt transformed.  My movements changed, my attitude altered and I saw the world more vividly.  Can clothes do that?  I believe they can :)
There aren't many times in a year when I have the opportunity to wear my beloved Indian outfits without odd stares so when days like these roll around, I soak up every moment of them...and let the wind make my clothing sing.


  1. These outfits are amazing, and you look beautiful in yours!

  2. Oh fancy! You look beautiful (love that color) and the other outfits are so amazing too! Love all this fashion :D


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