Friday, October 14, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Refashions & Old Faithfuls

This week has been a hustlin' and bustlin' one, complete with progress reports, processing Alliday applications and a new slew of outfits!

In the evenings lately I've been organizing my fabric stash and came across a few t-shirts I'd set aside to make t-shirt bags from.  The top of this dress was one of those shirts.  I really liked the neckline and decided not to bag it so I started playing around with it and ended up making a dress in about thirty minutes!    
 Shortly after taking these photos, I snagged the bottom of the skirt which left a little hole so I ended up hemming it a bit more so now it falls just above the knee.  Not going to lie, I'm quite pleased with this :)  I finished it off with Target boots, belt and a lovely feather necklace from Gleeful Peacock.
  For my busier days, I usually gravitate towards pieces that are easy to throw together or ones that I've had forever.  I look at some outfits as comfort blankets you can wear, much like this one :)  
 I threw on some old gaucho pants of mine (which were also seen in one of my first outfit posts!), the secretary shirt with a bow (thanks to a friend for recommending a bow!) and my beloved velvet jacket.
 Remember the estate sale with all of the amazing pockets?  Well, this is the last of the scores from it!  I hadn't worn it yet because it wasn't finished!  It seems the sleeves were needing a few more touches so I stuck it in my sewing to-do pile and finally got around to finishing it up!  I'm toying with adding some buttons down the front in the future but for now, it's perfect :)
 I wore a Gap tee and jeggings underneath.  A year ago, you wouldn't have even caught me saying the word jeggings but nowadays, they are my favorite jean to wear!  I accessorized with some boots I've had for many, many years, the trusty brown belt and one of my coin necklaces.  I was honestly surprised by all of the positive feedback for this ensemble!  
 I finished the school week off with a dress I've had for longer than I can remember.  There have been times that it's been less than flattering due to a few more pounds but I've always held on to it and always will.  I can barely even remember where or when I picked it up.  High school?  College?  Thrift store?  All I remember is that I scored two amazing sweater dresses that day and will never let go of either of them!
I finished it off with a little cream sweater, the trusty belt and a really good dog :)
Looking back through these outfit posts, I've found that there are entire weeks  of outfits that I prefer more than others and this was one of those weeks :)


  1. Okay I am in LOVE with the coat dress. BTW.. you rock the feather necklace. It looks amazing on you - Nikki


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