Sunday, October 16, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Wedding Guests

Last night we were invited to a fun little wedding reception for a few of our friends.  Prior to the wedding, I had been asked to make jewelry for the bridal shower so I was excited to see my work in action!  We had a grand time and documented our gussied-up selves to share with you :)
 I had made a trip to Target earlier in the day (you know, wedding gifts and whatever else jumped in my arms ;) and found this pretty tank on the clearance rack!  I paired it with some trousers that I've had forever and that have a matching blazer.  I was pretty stoked at how well the pants fit this time around!  They're a pair that is questionable sometimes ;)
 I even blew my hair dry which, doesn't happen very often.  Makeup was applied and heels were worn; both rare enough events to be a cause for celebration!
 I was also thrilled to carry my newest Felix & Jayne bag I scored at Renegade!
 And, wait?!  What's that?!  I somehow convinced my mister to switch sides of the camera!  
Oh, and that wedding jewelry?  Six of these.  Ribbon isn't a medium I'm hugely familiar with so it was fun to learn how to work with something different.  And to top it all off, I got to make grommets which I absolutely love to do :)  
 And since I'm not much of a bow person myself, I thought it would be nice to make the bow I made it into a removable hair clip!  It was mighty cool to see how each bridesmaid styled herself.
How was YOUR weekend?  Did you get gussied up for any reason?


  1. LOVE the necklace! Really unique!

  2. So pretty! Both you and the necklace!

  3. You and the man are strutting fine!

    So that's what getting gussied up looks like? I'd completely forgotten it's been so long since I've done it.

    (don't you just love a bright white shirt on a man?)

  4. DUDE look at how hot you are!


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