Sunday, October 23, 2011

One of Those Outfits: Weekending

I've had a fantastically wonderful weekend and it's not even over yet!  
 Yesterday, I got up bright and early to go support some of my lovely creative friends at B.A.zaar which was right down the street from my Papa's house on Main Street in Broken Arrow.  I packed the beast up (My Papa and him are BFFs :) and off we went!  We spent a good while gabbing, shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Favorite score of the show?  My first scent from Plume, an all natural perfume shop.  Already super obsessed with it!
 I wore a vintage shirt that I have had forever and that I've always loved.  Over the years it's developed some holes here and there.  I'm worried it will have to be pulled out of rotation soon :(  Jeggings went on as well, topped off by some killer accessories, if I do say so myself!
 These boots once belonged to my dear friend's mother back in the seventies.  When my friend inherited them, they were too small for her feet so lucky, lucky, lucky me ended up with them and I LOVE them.  They are SUPER slick on the bottom though.  I bought some stick on traction helpers but they are almost worn off after one day so I think I'm going to have to get them professionally fixed up.  In fact, I've decided to take in a few pairs of my priceless shoes to have worked over :)  Any cobblers in Tulsa that you would recommend?

I finished off the ensemble with one of my favorite necklaces from Green Couch Design.  They make amazing jewelry and have some charming print work!  Plus, they are pretty awesome people :)
 After spending time with my Papa, the mister and I headed down to the Spotlight Theater for The Drunkard with many of my students!  One of my teaching colleagues is currently in the show, which is THE longest running play in the U.S., and I had never been before so we had to go!  

The theater is also something to be admired.  It's a perfect example of some of the many the amazing Art Deco buildings in Tulsa!  It needs a bit of TLC on the inside but tell me it's not striking on the outside. 
 I completely misgauged the timing and we ended up arriving an hour and a half early for the show.  Since we snagged the best parking spot in the house, we decided to wait it out and enjoy some time on the river :) 

Apparently this couple had some time to kill to.  How adorable are they?!?  They melted my widdle heart.
 We finally found a bench and took in the most amazing sunset while some thunderstorms rolled in.  It was slightly magical. :)
We didn't have time to stay for the entire show but were certainly entertained by what we saw!  I plan to go back soon to finish the show with my pops.  If you're looking for something to add to your Tulsa bucket list, make sure that seeing The Drunkard is on it!

What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. Love the shirt and am totally jealous of the boots! There is a little shop on Harvard just south of 11th street that works on shoes and all types of leather. I'm not sure of the name, but it's just south of the Burger King and a little man runs it. I believe he is Chinese, but he may be Korean. Not positive. He has always done good work from what I've seen, and I love finding an old place like that to use!

  2. Awesome boots!! And I love the shirt too!


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