Thursday, October 27, 2011

Workspace Snapshot: The Wall

Since I have a month and a half off from shows, I've been taking advantage of cleaning and organizing my workspace and house.  Sometimes for me, getting things in order breaks down creative blocks and I want to make like I've never made before!  Last Friday night I stayed up much later than normal and worked on revamping the wall where I work.  

Behold, my control center.
 Before, those little corkboards were placed in a haphazard manner and the little wooden shelf was placed at a dangerous height.  There used to be six of those gelatin cups but I knocked three of them off with my elbow at various points in time.  It was time to do some rearranging.
 But before I give you a closer look of the new wall, let me introduce you to my best friend.  I bought this chair almost ten years ago for around ten bucks from a vintage shop here in town.  It was always just a random chair in my apartment until I finally set up my first real creative workspace.  Since then, it's always been my creating seat.  The pillow (I'm a little old lady with a flat bum so I require some cushioning ;) came from a lifelong friend who was on her way to throwing it out.  The cats fancy it almost as much as I do.
This chair used to only swivel around a small bit but now I've somehow conditioned it to almost do a 360!  I'm sure that means that one of these days in the near future I will find myself on the floor after it decides to finally break ;)

 And apparently, my left elbow has a little resting spot when I'm doing hard thinking.  Gives it character. 
 Looking a little closer at the wall you'll see this tiny wooden shelf which hung in my Granny and Papa's house for at least 50 years.  It was once an active spice rack but in later years just collected dust so I snagged it.  Here it's home to the aforementioned gelatin cups from a woman, who was like a second mother to me, which are filled with various beads, push pins and my eye glass cleaning cloth.  All of those smiling faces are from various walks of life.  All make me smile and all inspire me.
 The right side of the boards have various things I've clipped out of magazines that make me smile, a photo of myself as a nerdy child, a polaroid of myself and the mister, some loomwork I did as a child, safety pin chain and random small goodies I've picked up along my way.
 The left side is much of the same.  A family photo that makes me smile from ear to ear, baggies of projects to be completed for friends and family, and the cutest little magazine clipping of kittens looking like my first two fuzzbuckets!  The center square is nothing more than to-do lists and the like.
 The area above the shelf and boards showcases a painting picked up at a 5x5 sale a few years ago, a fuzzy (!) screenprinted piece of wood from ArtSlave and a beautiful piece of poetry featuring my sister Afton's name.  One of these days I plan to make her something with that :)
And the real crowning glory?  I strategically placed everything to where you can't see any of the ginormous holes I've made in that wall!  Eventually we will be repainting that room so until then, the holes just keep on coming.

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