Friday, November 4, 2011

Four of Those Outfits: Ultimate Comforts

I've noticed throughout this outfit photo experiment that some weeks tend to have themes.  This week is no different.  Apparently I was all about comfort and I blame it on the colder temperatures that have crept into our state.  

As we all know, Halloween was Monday on top of a school day which meant my outfit had to be at least a little bit spooky, right?  Or at least weird ;)
 Can't read my shirt?  Take a closer look then!  I got this shirt at the beginning of my freshman year of college at a showing of the film which I LOVE!  I also randomly won a VCR that night which just recently bit the dust.  Back in '98, VCRs were still nice to have!  Ha!
 I participated in a costume contest that day at school where I took a runner-up prize with the banana costume! No, I didn't wear the Zoltar get-up again...wasn't sure how well I could teach from a box ;)

I've no clue where the skirt came from, scarf a gift from my mom, t-shirt college keepsake, tights from Gap and hooker boots from my lucrative hookin' days.
 On Halloween night, we handed out candy to a mere six kids!  Six!  In the meantime, I started watching American Horror Story (already OBSESSED) and quickly sewed up this shirt which I based off of this sweater I made last year!  I was given some beautiful fabrics, trims, threads and more by an Ace of a gal and this fabric was just screaming to be made into a flowy, comfy shirt!
 You've seen the pants before but those boots, this was their grand debut!  They're straight out of the early 80s and basically jumped into my arms at an estate sale for $3!  I finished it off with a Mexican medallion from my personal collection which was fitting since it was Dia de los Muertos.
 Wednesday was windyyyyyyyyy.  And cold, but that's been mentioned before.
 I think the pants are Gap?  All I know is that I bought them to assimilate into the business world ten years ago in addition to an identical white pair.  They've served me well over the years!  The sweater?  Also Gap, I think.  The hat?  Custom made Neiman Marcus estate sale find.  I about had a fit when I found it!
 And that belt?  Well, I made it!  I went back and forth over the size to make it but I wanted it to be able to be worn through belt loops so I made it a little larger which makes it look a little odd with this outfit but I HAD to wear it!  ;)  The buckle part came crisp in its 1963 packaging found at an estate sale (big surprise, eh?) and the fantastic trim came from the fantastic Ace again!  I've got a few more belts in the works :)
 And finally to Thursday.  Or Burrsday.  Man, am I clever or what?!  ;)
 I layered a clearance rack Gap dress with one of my favorite vintage Puritan sweaters.  I swear by these sweaters and own more than I care to admit.  I'm certain I've had this one since high school as well as that pretty scarf you see.  Same ol' Target booties and necklace recently gifted to me from my dad upon return of a trip to take in the New England fall foliage.  
What defines an ultimate comfort outfit me?  One that I could nap in.  Not that I did any napping this week though!  Although it sure would have been nice...

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  1. my goodness, you must have A LOT of clothes!


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