Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspiracion de Robert Brady

Inspiration.  What is it?  Something that can be googled?  Something found on Pinterest?  Something that you have to schedule in to find?  To me finding inspiration is a pure moment that cannot be forced nor forgotten, something I think many of us tend to forget.

When I was twenty years old (more than a few years back), I packed up my bags and spent part of my summer living in Mexico while studying the Spanish language and the Mexican culture.  I lived in a tiny, tiny village called Tepotzlan which is just south of Mexico City.  It was my first extended trip out of the country and a life changing experience for me.  

We would often grab a cab or take the bus to the neighboring, and larger, city of Cuerna Vaca.  It was there that I experienced my first earthquake, actually!  But more importantly, inspiration ran straight into me there.  
On a school day trip, we visited la casa y museo de Robert Brady.
Born in Ohio, Robert Brady studied fine arts, traveled the world and begin collecting.  He collected art that spoke to him, art that represented the places he saw, art that would surround his home in Cuerna Vaca where he settled down in the early sixties.
Once inside of his house, I never wanted to leave.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I had to be forced to leave!
These are the actual photos I took while touring through.  I'd have to wait for everyone to leave the room, snap my pictures and then would take in every. single. thing.
For me it was the vivid colors, the organized collections, the representations from ALL over the world, the perfection.  The everything.
I often think of this house and how I felt while there.  It inspired me but it also touched me deeply.  Can a house do that?  It did to me.  
Should you ever find yourself in central Mexico and need something to do (happens often, eh? ;) visit Cuerna Vaca and take in the collections and color that Robert Brady left for us.  

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