Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Staycation!

Our holidays have been more fantastic than I could have hoped for!  We spent the majority of Christmas Eve and Day in Tulsa and Broken Arrow with my family and the rest in Okemah for a quick stay with the in-laws.  The mister and I are using up the rest of our vacation days this week for a staycation and won't be back at work until after the new year!  Hooray!  It's VERY rare that I have such an extended time off so you better believe that I'm milking it for all it's worth! 

On Christmas Eve, we packed up the photo wall we made for Alliday and set it up at my folks for some family photos before we cut it up for other projects.  Our family may have had too much fun with it ;)
And finally, I'd say that my dad outdid Santa this year.  He pulled my mom's childhood bike out of storage, had it restored and surprised her with the help of my Papa on Christmas Eve.  It was one of those magical Christmas moments you know you'll never forget.
Things may be a little quiet over here for a few days but know I'm busy planning big, exciting things for 2012!  Hope your holiday season is delightfully wonderful!  

Until later!

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  1. Your family looks like so much fun! And your mom with the bike really is priceless. Enjoy your time off!


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