Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of Those Outfits: A Gifted First Day

The spring semester began yesterday as well as my dressing for public consumption.  This go-around I'm only teaching two classes on two days which is quite nice, actually.  I'll be focusing on Reading and Speaking  which are two of my favorite subjects to teach.  My students are just as diverse as ever and seem to be wonderfully motivated so it's safe to say that I'm a happy camper.  I thought I'd try my hand at another semester of outfits to share with you yet I'm hesitant to commit fully.  So perhaps you'll get a few outfits a week, or perhaps you won't.  ;)
 Just like everyone else, I LOVE Anthropologie but just can't shell out the big bucks for their goods.  Once a year for Christmas though, my mom always gets my sister and I gift certificates to the clothing mecca and I try my best to spend my gifted money wisely meaning I stick to the clearance racks and try to purchase items that are multi-functional and timeless.  One of the items I picked up this past Christmas was this Alpaca knit sweater dress.  Talk about comfortable.  To me a good outfit is anyone that I can nap in.  And nap in this outfit I did, hence the ruffled hairs :)
 My sister recently finished a Central/South American tour with Tears for Fears and brought us all back some fun souvenirs for the holidays.  I must say that I think I scored best out of the lot though.  I was gifted this handmade belt, and another in varying colors, from Peru and I'm enamored with them.  
 Since the dress is obviously a little see-through, I threw on a slip dress I've had forever and was quite pleased with the way it peeked out from below.  I finished everything off with shoes and tights gifted by the mister and the one Verde Squared necklace I kept for myself.   
So basically everything except my slip dress and necklace were, in essence, gifted to me over the holidays.  My clothing accumulation of late has grown quite rapidly due to the holidays, changing of seasons and my insatiable need to hunt through estate sales and the flea market.  With our tiny home, I believe it's time I did a large purge of garb to make room for the new acquisitions.  But that's hard.  And takes time.  Oh the perils of being an organized, bargain shopping hoarder.

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