Friday, February 24, 2012

Fuzzy Friday: Pimmy

Vera was my saving grace back in that lonely basement apartment in 2002 but I felt like she needed her own saving grace.  With two TINY windows and with myself at work for forty hours a week, Vera was very lonely.  When I would return home from work, the second she heard my feet hitting the stairs, she would immediately begin meowing as loudly as possible.  I felt terrible.  I had a plan though:  find a new apartment above ground with windows and get a second cat.

At the shelter, the other volunteers knew that I was starting to look for another fuzzy feline so they started to keep their eyes open for another fluffy lady for me.  Just a few short weeks later when I arrived for my shift, I was informed that there was a cat who just might be what I was looking for.  I was quickly introduced to 'Foxy' a feisty little red devil.  

She wouldn't come out of her cage and had bitten another interested party (who wouldn't have gotten my approval either) when she didn't want to be petted any longer.  I had my mom and sister come up to meet her and after a few hours, the decision was made - this firecracker was going home with me.  I took her home that day.

She was found outside of Tulsa running in a field by another volunteer a few weeks before.  Her collar was completely matted around her neck and she had a fresh scar from being spayed.  She had to be shaved in patches to alleviate the matted pain.  Searches to find her previous owners came up empty and she was admitted to our system.  She was estimated to be about two years old and a petite maine coon/tabby mix.  

For the first few weeks, she barely associated with me or Vera.  She barely showed any personality and I honestly wasn't sure if she was even all 'with it'.  Then, one night after my friends and I had returned home from going out, she stole some of my freshly popped popcorn and ate it like a squirrel.  I'd never seen a cat do that before.  Soon, her personality began to shine and still does to this day.  

While searching for a name, I kept thinking about how much she resembled a Pomeranian to me which I played around with and ended up creating the name of Pimmy.  Her full name?  Pimothy Littlefoot Fuzzbucket, naturally.

Pimmy and Vera quickly became inseparable and we got out of the basement just a few months later; we moved upstairs.  She has a personality and attitude that is epic.  She intimidates the dogs that visit the house, regardless of their sizes.  She is our house's alphadog.  She is a spitfire and a half.  And I love her for it.  Endlessly.  Since she's perpetually cold, like me, thus she's the best cuddler in the house and fights to find the sweet spot under the covers.  She will cut a fool for popcorn, toast or french fries, despite my best attempts to keep people-food out of our pets' mouths.  You can barely hear her when she meows but her personality is the loudest thing in the house.  She has grinch feet, a fluffy bloomer-wearing butt and salt and pepper whiskers.  She's the cutest cat in the world.  
And she can fly.
(old, old photo from the 'upstairs' apartment)


  1. Well good job, I'm completely in love with your cat now. And I kinda want another, but the two I already have are quite grumpy about that idea. ;-)

  2. aww how sweet! So glad to hear she warmed up to everyone & your other cat- that always makes me sad when people get another pet and they don't get along. Thanks for your sweet comment about my shawl too btw, your comments always make me smile : ) Hope your week is off to a good start girl!

  3. You almost made me cry. I love pet adoption stories. I had grown "unfond" of cats in recent years, but after 3 failed dog ownerships I thought maybe a cat would work. And he does! He is better with the kids than any dog has been and he is so patient but not one of those dolls that just lies there to be molested and abused. Oh, and the picture of her flying is fab!


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